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  1. Sir Norman, how about MrJDV share partnership with Bb with the selection of the Miss Philippines for Miss Grand. It will save him all the hassles of producing a national pageant. The stress, physically & financially. By striking partnership, if he doesnt want to part ways with the franchise – there is guarantee that the candidate to be selected will be of international caliber. Not belittling the performance of Kimberly. But producing a national pageant and appointing a representative is really different.

    Though, I dont know if Bb is open to partnership w a franchise.

    Miss Grand is really a promising pageant and I guess everyone will agree with me that Bb Pilipinas has the capabilities to send better candidate. Hope Mr JDV will be open to the idea. Yun nga lang he’s hoping to get two more titles.

    On the other hand, if Mr Nawat really wants to make his pageant known – he must target bigger franchise holder especially here in the Phil. If he wants to create more buzz… Like in the case of Miss Supranational, when Bb got the franchise, people became more aware. It even increased its likes on facebook. Same goes with Miss Intercon, am sure when Kris starts to compete, Pinoys will be more curious about the activities.

    Hope they’ll consider that!

    • Your idea is sound and good but I guess you also need to know some factual story about the franchise. When Khun Nawatt offered the franchise, he was sort of “snobbed” by our national organizers and only JDV grabbed the offer that’s why he was instantly awarded the franchise.

      Isn’t it right, Norman?!?

      • Actually, it was Missosology that facilitated Nawat’s search for a franchise holder in the Philippines. But before that, they also arranged a casting call for a possible Philippine rep to the first edition last year. Ali Forbes was picked. And since Ali is part of Team JDV, John must’ve signified his interest in getting the local franchise for Miss Grand.

        As far as a partnership with Binibini is concerned, I really cannot comment on that for now.

      • Forgive me for not knowing any of the factual story… It is just — shall we say an outsider perspective. But I guess there is a difference between the time when Miss Grand is about to start with now that it is on the second year and has enough “credentials” to show with a franchise holder.

        Just maybe, just maybe on the part of Bb Pilipinas – it is really difficult to accept someone offering a franchise with no proven track record yet. I think Binibini is also trying to protect its name some goes with their winners on the pageants they send them. As there has been fly by night pageants around the world.

        Like for instance the Miss Supranational pageant on its first year, same goes with Miss Tourism Queen International… Remember there was a time that they send representatives to Miss Tourism World and Miss Globe, but later on they stopped. I think I read somewhere that the Mr. Singh, has gotten into troubles.

        But then again, anyone can correct me if my pageant facts are not accurate. Bottomline, just maybe, just maybe with its second year and track record, maybe Mr. JDV could facilitate meeting with Mrs. Araneta & Co. with Mr. Nawat.

        Again, this is not to offend Mr. JDV and Co. in its effort to come up with a national pageant for Miss Grand. This is just an idea of a fan who is just looking of possibilities that may serve on all parties for the benefit of the Philippine pageantry and its foothold as POWERHOUSE.

      • Please do not be apologetic as we are on the same status here. You probably know more than I do about pageantry. As I have mentioned before, your idea is sound and good and I guess that the only way possible that it could be under the helm of Binibining Pilipinas would be for JDV to give up his right as the license owner and voluntary pass it over to Madamme Stella or the latter buying the rights from the former. It might involve some legal proceedings that I am not aware of.

        Khun Nawatt himself has franchise rights to several international pageants aside from being the MGI owner that’s why in his national pageant, the title hierarchy is as follows: Miss Grand Thailand, Miss Earth Thailand, Miss Supranational Thailand, Miss Intercontinental Thailand and Miss Tourism Thailand.

        If I were a senator, I’ll probably pass a bill that controls beauty pageants in the country which should be under the Department of Tourism and Culture. That only two national pageants are held annually. One should be Binibining Pilipinas with Miss Universe Philippines as the highest title and Mutya ng Pilipinas with Miss World as the highest title. Under the banner of BbP should be International, Supranational, Intercontinental, Tourism International with 4 runners-up. Under the banner of MnP would be, Earth, Grand International, Asia Pacific International, Globe International, Tourism World with 4 runners-up as well.

        Unfortunately, politics is not my cvup of tea.

        I am with you, Thai Prince of San Juan. 🙂

      • Valid points, but with JDV reportedly acquiring two new international pageant franchises (still unannounced), giving up Miss Grand might not yet be on his slate, at least in the short term for now.

      • That’s the “unfortunate” part – that Miss Grand Philippines is here to stay at least for now, with Mr JDV acquiring two more franchises. Though he must be really commended for really trying his part to bring something for the world of Philippine pageantry… but setting aside the pride… I think it will save him and his team this burden – and the flack from fans when the girl they sent didn’t make it in the finals – I guess it is really not yet time… All the more he could concentrate with his job – discovering beauty queens and mounting local pageants… kung baga grassroots muna.

        Although of course, I guess it is a dream of a discoverer to be a national pageant director.

        I guess it will more work for him private casting with formal crowning event. It will save hime really A LOT…

        Pero syempre idea lang yun… hahhaa or unless a powerful blogger such as Sir Norman could share sentiments of some pageants fans about Miss Grand Philippines na may be hindi pa sya hinog to mount such… kasi he will really not get the best of the ladies just yet kasi all of them are flocking and aiming for the BbP, MWP at MPE, with Mutya on the side.

  2. We love you Kim! You did your best 🙂 I hope that you join again, perhaps BB or Miss World. Looking forward afer 3 or 4 years more.

  3. I’m currently watching Miss Grand International and unfortunately, Kim ended up a clapper. When I first saw her, I really felt that she cannot match Ali’s performance. For me, she was just maputi. Walang queenly and very commanding aura. So although it broke my heart to have PH’s first non-placement for 2014, hindi na rin ako nashock.

  4. I like women with substance that’s why I really like Kim. She’s not only tall and pretty, she’s also talented, smart and articulate plus she seems so down-to-earth. However, this year’s MGI really has a lot of girls with potential. As much as I hate to admit it, there are a lot of candidates that are way ahead of Kim in terms of facial beauty, and if that’s the yardstick for choosing the winner, then Russia, Puerto Rico, France or Albania might get the crown tonight. Still, I’m hoping the best for Kim. Win or lose, this girl has a great future ahead of her. She can even try other local pageants and see if she gets another shot at representing the Philippines in another international pageant. She’s still young, and her body is still developing. I hope she waits until she’s ripe for beauty pageants (the way Megan Young did) and she loses the slight chubbiness in her cheeks. Maybe when she turns 23 or 24, she can try again. Let’s wait and see. For now, good luck Kim. No matter what happens, you’ve already made us very proud.

  5. The effort was there but it was not enough. Far more pretty girls are competing so she may just be a semifinalist.

  6. unfortunately even if she gave her everything, Kimberly karlsson will not be successful in the competition. I think that the highest that she will land is a spot in the semi finals and that’s me being generous. sorry but I think the organizers are looking for classic beauties first and foremost if you’re going to based it from last year’s winner. Thailand just like other neighboring asian countries like the philippines have a penchant for conventional beauties more caucasian Latina types that has perfect bone structure. Kimberly is a beauty and has a radiant smile but she doesn’t fall on the classic asian beauty thailand is looking for.

  7. goodluck kim, umpisahan mo na ang winning streak ng philippines this 2014! 🙂

  8. Since Miss Grand International is only celebrating its sophomore edition this 2014, majority of pageant experts worldwide are not casting their fearless predictions as they have yet to figure out the pageant’s selection methodology. I guess I have to applaud all those who tried and gave their predictions the best analysis possible to present to us readers and followers.



    2-Puerto Rico


    GLOBAL BEAUTY (Oh! They cannot make up their minds so it’s in alphabetical order.)

    Obviously the common denominators are Russia and Thailand with Colombia closing in at third. Amongst them, only Thailand registered well to my sight though I have placed Russia in my Top 20 after watching the press presentation.

    When I watched the preliminary competition, my eyes were all focused at the Russian and Colombian candidates and I just cannot feel and see the sparks in them. Well, both are, more likely, not my cup of teas.

    I am definitely not making a prediction here because, I’ve not heard anyone of them say a proper sentence wherein I could analyze if they are worthy of becoming the spokesperson for the organization.

    The least I could do is share my favourites who simply stole my heart: Philippines – Thailand – Haiti – Albania – Netherlands. Obviously, Miss Philippines is my bet!

    Has she done enough to capture the crown?!?


    • I agree with you dex… She was simply gorgeous during the preliminary… She was even good in the self introduction. She simply stood out. Others were ok and some were not, as if they are not prepared with the pageant. Thailand was good at her pasarela, Colombia and Puerto Rico were also stood out beauties. Russia was ok. So I bet, Kim will have her place in the top 5 or hopefully will be this year’s winner.

  9. Off topic, sir N! Would you be giving away tickets for Miss World PHP coronation night just like what you did at Miss earth last may? Thanks

    • I really hope I can, but the free tickets for Miss Philippines Earth was sponsored by SM Supermarkets. This time around, there is no sponsor that has sounded me off on it so far. Let’s give it a day or two. 😉

  10. She look lovely naman especially dun sa swimsuit, I think napansin naman yung beauty niya, okay lang underdog mas maganda nga yun quesa sa iba na over hype mukha naman tutubi!?

  11. She, for me, is not the type who has the “Gilas” heart to be in it to WIN it (unfortunately for “Gilas”, they could only win a few but not the championships). Kimberly’s type (again, for me) is a carefree one…she is in it to ENJOY it (ala Olivia Culpo). Has she done enough? Maybe not in the manner that many of us wanted her to dress-up, to pose, to project, to emote, to style herself..to be like our own creation of Barbie (that could many times turn up to be a Frankenstein). She has done enough to be just herself…and that, I believe, will enable her to shine through in tonight’s finals. She might not have done enough to pressure and put undue stress to her HEART…but she has done enough to nourish her SPIRIT with positive aura and vibes!

  12. I would say, she could go as far as top 20 and thats it. There are lots of better candidates deserving for the top spot, sorry for being brutally frank. I just hope that this pageant would serve as a learning experience for her and try to improve herself more and join another national pageant in the future. But still, good luck to her…who knows– the stars in the heavenly bodies would align in her favor tonight.

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