28 comments on “Bianca VS Kesiah: Two Filipinas in Miss International 2014

  1. Well, I’m glad that Filipinos really shine in beauty pageants in whatever country they represent.
    That’s the best part of it.

    Bianca is still my choice bec. she carries the Philippine flag.

  2. kairita mukang ang cheap. oks si bianca i hate the styling sa photo nya dito. mukang pag pipilian nyo sa mga de-gro na lugar

  3. And Miss International 2014 is …….. Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti from the Philippines ! Sorry but win or lose she is my winner 🙂 🙂 -:)

  4. Sorry but for me it’s only Bianca!
    Back to back win for the Philippines!

  5. I always felt that among the 5 Bb’s that Bianca was the weakest link. While MJ, Yvethe, Tiffany and Parul ALL have global appeal, Bianca looks “too” Asian. She’s perfect for Miss International so long the pageant is held in Japan. Sorry.

    • We’ll it will be held in Japan… and I do think BPCI has mastered the formula for Miss International since it is the pageant where we had the most wins. 😀

    • Bea Rose Santiago has global appeal and she looks more Asian than Bianca but she won. I’m not so sure how you see Asian beauties so I don’t want to assume that you’re underestimating them…Are you saying that being “too Asian” is a negative thing or an inferior race? If so, that’s sad!

      • Oh please. Don’t get your panties tied up in a bunch. The advantage of Filipina beauty is that it transcends past its region. That are renowned for this unique feature. MJ, Yvethe and Tiffany can pass as Filipina, South Asian, Middle Eastern or Hispanic. Parul can pass as Filipina, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander or an indigenous Latina. Bianca cannot. Sorry! India and the Philippines, though “Asian”, are not limited to a stereotypical look as evident in Philippines last four top 5 MU finalists. Now go on with your day, ya hear? 🙂

  6. Miss Canada has an edge in communication compare to Miss Guidotti. But hopefully Miss Philippines will win the pageant.

    • I beg to disagree with you. I find her communication skills unimpressive at all. Watch the videos above and tell me I’m wrong.

      On the other hand, I prefer her beauty and projection than the current MU Canada. I saw the crowning at YT and I was kind of surprised to see that majority of the candidates are below par as compared to this year’s BbP. Strictly my opinion.

    • Oh please! Bianca can speak at least 4 languages and currently she’s also being trainned to speak basic Japanese… I could also give you a list of her credentials… What more could you ask for?

  7. Hohummm… I’m not worried at all. It would really be idiotic of Miss International Org if she doesn’t win. She would nail them all!

  8. That’s an ugly pic of Bianca’s
    If I were to judge based solely on the pics above, I’d say Canada.
    But I know bianca looks better than that.

  9. I dunno, I love em both! Watch the Miss Canada pageant on Ustream and Kesiah was on fire. 1st runner up was the best she could do as a Filipino back to back in Canada was highly unlikely because of Riza Santos passing her crown.

    I admire Pinoys and Pinays who shine abroad in their new homes because doing so ain’t no easy task!

    That being said, I will always haven special spot in my heart for Miss Philippines. Guidotti has really honed into the kind of personality and aura that Miss International wants. Would not be surprised at all for a back to back.

  10. No contest. Its like comparing French Macaroons VS Saltines Crackers. Both good but one you crave the other you eat with soup. Go Marianne – the first back to back Miss International Queen.

  11. hope both of them will blast..

    any news about ME2014 venue and international assignment for parul???

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