7 comments on “Alvin Arranguez: Mr. Diversity Culture Philippines 2014

  1. He has the face, height and bone structure for Manhunt!.. He just needs to work on those chicken legs!… Squats and deadlift din kasi pag may time!

  2. He stands 6’2″, his counterpart is 5’6″. Together they would definitely be a stand out couple to watch out for. Hopefully the judges are more foreign than local so that if both are declared winners, it would not create that much fuss from the envious world.

    Hmmm… I know it’s not as big and glamourous as the other international pageants but I don’t know why a diverse kind of excitement is now building up within me. Perhaps it’s because I want the affair to succeed with flying colours as our great country is the host and our representatives are both worthy of the Philippine sash.

    A regular and timely update about this would be highly appreciated. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

      • Thanks, Norman. I’ve been browsing the web and it seems that it would be the inaugural “world” event though it is on its third year of existence. I really hope this edition succeeds. 🙂

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