7 comments on “Sunday Specials: A movie must-watch, “Gone Girl”

  1. Saw the movie opening night. It’s SICK! Although ***SPOILER ALERT*** I wanted that bitch to pay for it in the end!

    And Ben Afleck’s wasn’t a fool frontal, it was a profile shot where the wee-wee showed. And I’m sure they used prosthetics. NPH’s was though… and it was BLOODY! :p

  2. Totoo po bang nagpakita ng ari si Ben Affleck? Parang wish ko tuloy manood. Hihihi.

  3. I just saw this today and I would say two thumbs up. I was thinking about sociopath in our government,
    pretending that they meek as a lamb but at the other side of the coins they are devil.

  4. I agree Kuya Norms. A must-see movie this year. Don’t miss out Ben Affleck’s full frontall. Hahaha!! Isa dalawa tatlo..may sasampalin ka pa!! Alam na!!

  5. I’ve just watched the trailer and it seems interesting. And since you are recommending it, I’ll give it a try but first I have to check if it is being shown in CnC. I don’t want to travel far these wet days. Thanks for the tip.

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