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  2. Other than this gobbledygook about world peace, I see that the organizers will consider the business side. In its inaugural year, the pragmatic choice was a Latina—certainly to stir the interest of the huge pageant-crazy Latin American market to this new beauty contest. For its sophomore year, my hunch is that it will focus on the Eastern European market, which is not as pageant-crazy, but as a doorway to the sponsors-rich Western European market, whose indigenous population has lackluster interest in beauty contests. The Philippines? Well, if the organizers consider the capability of Filipinos to provide a worldwide mass base of followers, Kim may as well outflank competition and win. The formidable number of Filipinos in diaspora—immigrants, expats, overseas workers—plus the unparalleled usage of social media, internet and telecoms, can all at once bring this new contest into the radar of global audiences. In fairness, too, the footages I saw of Kim in the preliminaries show her projecting an unmistakable glow that outshines competition.

    • I agree… therefore… They must crown us 1st before a European candidate because they must have that fanbase 1st before they get those sponsors… Unless, their PEG is Miss Universe who continuously give us runner up placements to keep as hanging on the edge waiting for a crown… On the other hand, that will only work with the BIG 4 pageants.. For a new lower tier pageant, they must crown us first to keep our interest… Hmmmmm

  3. I just want KIM to at least make it to the Q&A round… Oh god I wish Kim would prove me wrong… as in to the point of me torturing myself for even doubting her! AHHHHHHHHH THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!! TUESDAY!!!!! TUESDAY!!!! _/#^__#€×£@¥×¥&@^#€×£_=¥%¥/€@€@&*$BRBRBRBDBKSKSKSKSLLLLDDLLDLL

  4. Norman, you are very brave to show your ‘lack of patriotism’ on an international blogging site.. Hahaha
    Have you ever excluded a Philippine bet from your top 5-6 before?
    Wow, You must have a very pressing reason behind that. Not that it’s not expected at all. I mean, she did not make it in the swimsuit competition . So people must be prepared for something unfavorable on Tuesday.
    I hope you are wrong Norman.

    • I hope so too. It’s just that the Thai organizers are comparatively easier to read than, say Miss Universe or Miss World. Last year, they loved Ali Forbes, and made 3rd Runner-Up. But the halo around Janelee Chaparro was unbreakable right from arrival and pre-pageant.

  5. From the rehearsals footage, with Phil and Poland in the video posted here – I thought Kimberly clearly overshadowed Poland – in beauty, charm and X Factor. I hope that the judges saw the same that I saw and for Kimberly to do a Molly – stealthly win the crown despite not being the top favorite.

  6. I certainly hope that your analysis is wrong this time, Norman. Your top two choices aren’t even in my top ten. Sorry. 😦 🙂

    • Norman might be privy to something we dont know Dex so – the buzz on candidates can usually translate to roughly 75% of the results, just my 2 cents on predictions. 😀

      • Thanks for that Tidbits Norms. It rarely happens though where the Top Favorite wins the crown, correct?

        I know, I know we cant win them all. We are spoiled especially with all the wins and placements last year and 2012. Its not that too long ago that we would have been ecstatic just to have Miss Phil gets called in the top 16 just so we can watch her beyond the opening segment of Miss Universe. Now we are greedy and want them all – all titles and crowns and are becoming unrealistic.

        And yet I still want Kimberly to do well. So fingers crossed and forget about being realistic for now and stay being in fantasy land😄

  7. Last year there were only seventy-five contestants. This year there are ten more. Therefore, it is better.

    • There were 86 Official Candidates originally. But during the finals, only 75 were left competing. Sorry if I included the withdrawals and no-shows.

      This year, more than 90 ladies are expected. I just went with the actual number on the website.

      • I was talking about actual figures because that’s what we should be accounting for in terms of being factual. You’re right, this year they were expecting 96 but only 85 showed up. 🙂

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