11 comments on “Pinay Beauty Queen Academy starts airing tonight!

  1. Lara should have been the host given her experience . Ali must be s—-ng someone’s pipe.
    It’s nice to hear that Isabel Lopez has joined the cast. She is probably the most articulate among the past MUP winners.

    • Woah…Maria Isabel Lopez…I dont find her articulate…..matabil ang dila at bastos…reyna ng kadiliman ng Binibining Pilipinas

  2. What happened to Evangeline Pascual? Other than her voice, I can’t recognize her anymore.

    #PinayBeautyQueenAcademy or

  3. I find nothing wrong with the set-up but would it have been better, more exciting and more realistic if the four groups are handled by say: The ex-beauty queens as one team and the other teams are individually handled by Kagandahang Flores, Team JDV, and Aces & Queens?!?

    What say you, Norman and the other experts here?!? 😉

    • Am not an “expert,” and mostly I am just a lurker here, but I like your idea, CodeX. That kind of setup/cast has more potential than their current roster. On a side note, I have this strong feeling that this show will bomb only because they got Ali Forbes as a host. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though. 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing your feelings toward the show. Happy watching! Well, that is, if you will be watching later. 😉

      • I love Joyce Burton, so I guess I will watch. If it gives a reason to stay glued on the show for a good 10 minutes, then I’ll give it a chance. 🙂

    • @Codex

      Love your idea…. pero it would be unfair for the girls… halata agad if ever kung sino lugi at llamado… wahahaha ;-D

      • I wouldn’t be that conclusive, C2F. I’d cross the bridge when I reach it. 😉

        It’s too early to tell, I guess…

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