25 comments on “Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti talks about being a Woman of Style & Substance

  1. Tito norms, is it true that during the bb. Pilipinas coronation night that Bianca is the big winner and mj lastimosa ranked 2nd? And it just so happens na over age na si mj for Mi kaya ms universe ang binigay saknya. And also dapat supranational ang ibibigay Kay mj and si Yvette ang maging MI during the final deliberation pero nagulat na lang ang mga judges sa naging order of announcement? I read this info sa siang blog site eh..

    • In the past, I used to believe that WHEN THERE’S SMOKE – THERE’S FIRE. That’s passe… Obsolete… Kaput!!! In this era of selfishness and egotism, it just smokes without fire — you know what I mean?!?

      The morning right after the coronation night, someone with connection to BbP informed me that Yvethe was actually the unanimous winner — before and after the deliberation — but I told the guy to just shut up and warned him to stop spreading ill-rumour. And here comes another piece of treachery.

      Six long months have already passed, why can’t we just fully embrace all our winners and support them in their journey?!?


  2. Aside from having all the goods and the big guns, all odds are in her favor as well. It is impossible for her not to win this Pageant!

    • Let’s all keep our collective fingers crossed for her successful MI journey πŸ™‚

  3. I love to see Bea Santiago crowning Bianca Guidotti! This is indeed a very excitng moment.
    Good Luck Bianca!

  4. Mary Anne Bianca Garcia Guidotti definitely exemplifies a woman of style and substance.

    Just be yourself… Your WOW factor is your transparency to our naked eyes. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Off topic lang. Ms U 2014 or the 63rd edition is confirmed per NBC website and recent press release from MS U org after the press conference. It is still Ms U 2014 title only the date of the event is Jan 25, 2015 due to time constraints which they will not admit.

  6. Very spontaneous in her interview. She’s got the wit and the charm.
    You just gotta love this girl, Mariane !
    Go go go girl !
    You’re my Miss International 2014 πŸ™‚

    • The magic name has been mentioned… And here you are again in full smiles. I could imagine the instant happiness you felt (that includes Dawn and Norman, of course) just looking at this feature. Welcome back, Jen! πŸ˜‰

  7. I thought she answered the questions as real and as on point as possible but as a woman of style and substance that bag has to go! too casual for the event even for an lv sorry

  8. She should polish her way of answering questions, she always look down the floor whenever she answer question. Too much gap on thoughts. Sorry but more training please. Don’t be mad if i say this but i wanted her to be the best. I will support her even tap my Japanese friends to support her.

  9. With her background doing NGO work long before she winning a Binibini crown, she indeed is style and substance personified. Good luck, Ms. Guidotti.

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