6 comments on “Pinay Beauty Queen Academy will start October 4

  1. Based on their initial pictures, I am hoping that these girls have day-jobs that they won’t quit to make way for their dream of becoming a beauty queen. I have seen more attractive SM sales ladies (no offense meant to sales ladies) than this batch.

    Rating: 1/2 star. Saan pinagpupulot ang mga yan?

  2. I am expecting that pageant followers like me would understand the behind-the-scenes in the making of a beauty queen. Hopefully this reality show succeeds in its mission to find a deserving representative for the international arena — big time or low profile. The good thing is that some of those that passed the casting would surely become future stars of GMA.

    I’m happy for Ali Forbes and I hope she’ll make it. Break a leg!

  3. I love Steffy Gerona…

    I think she’s more starstruck batch 6 material but she has a great personality. She’s the breadwinner of her family and she wants to get her brother’s eyes operated before he gets completely blind. I hope she wins! 😀

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