11 comments on “Mister International 2014 postponed to November 29

  1. A very valid reason tyo postpone. Good for all the contestants, they’ll have more time to polish their acts. Good luck, Neil.

    I am just curious why Neil is not using his real name. Any reason, anyone?!?

      • How about the meaning of “flor”, is it flower? Whatever it is, I believe he should use his real name in the international competition, it’s more astig and amazing than Neil Perez. Mariano Flormata sounds winner for me apart from his batuta ahihihi

      • Oh! Peque’s translation to his film, Oro Plata Mata. In Latin, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, that word actually means KILL. So if his surname is translated literally, it would be FLOWER+KILL. My-oh-my. Not good either! But to me he should really use his real name. 😉

  2. Oy, oy, mas maraming time to spend ngayopn si Mammang Pulis kay Manay Norman…
    Kilig si Ninang,.

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