16 comments on “Christine Balaguer and Valerie Weigmann: Newly-found Sisters

  1. The “Indonesian Pageants” FB page finally post an article about Valerie! Some people did their bashing, pero I gooled some words, positive and supportive naman yung iba kay Val.

  2. I want her to win.
    She will be the talk of the town, sitio , barangay en eskinita if she won.
    Mas may xfactor sya kay Val, very exotic beauty.
    I see Sovietskaya Bacud in her.

  3. Ampayat na ng legs at arms ni Val..

    Kailangan na ng weight trainning and to eat more protein! Ok lang magka fats basta sabayan ng workout! 😀

  4. If the objective is not just to produce a MWP winner, but a back-to-back MW winner, the Philippines has to present someone who has a clear competitive edge over Megan Young. Valerie is very beautiful but comes in the same mould as Megan Young, so she has to come out with a distinct differentiating point over the current queen, as well as over the many Western beauties who will appear like Megan clones. Christine’s deaf-mute, fashion model, rowing-team-paddler background effortlessly presents a differential advantage over the current queen, but needs to polish her moves and styling. Either one of them are potential back-to-back winner to MW crown. The MW crown will eventually come to the person who will best personify MW’s advocacy.

  5. Indeed a great gesture from A&Q Master Jonas Gaffud and his team to accommodate Chrtistine Balaguer. Now that A&Q is attached to Christine’s name, she would gain more exposure on her potential as a serious beauty hopeful and not as a special entry that capitalizes on disability. In beauty pageants everyone should be treated equally on the merit of beauty, intelligence and projection only. Understanding that back stories are good “plus” factors, it should not be given special attention during the final judgement/deliberation. My 2 cents!

  6. It’s also interesting to note, that this Indo site in FB features almost all the MWP 2014 contestants, but never Valerie Weigmann. I’m wondering why?

    • Baka takot maguerra ng mga Pinoy fans ang site nila. Alam mo naman kung paano umatake ang mga die-hards. 😉

      On the side note, Inès Ligron who handles and trains their top representatives has acknowledged that Valerie Weigmann should be this year’s Miss World. 🙂

      • Sa “Pageantry & Beauty Queens” naman, kinumpara si Val with the reyna ng santolan, kaya ayon, guerra patani mga die hards ng both sides! Pero sa totoo lang, laking ganda ni Val sa reyna ng santolan station!

      • Porque nag crown ang mga santolan ng mukhang Pinay… proud na sila?! Asan ang link?..

      • @Closer2fame, sa Facebook, just type “Pageantry and Beauty Queens”. Dito naglalagi ng mga taga santolan, bihira na sila sa Misso. Siguro nahihiya kina Pawee dahil sila nag-train sa mga queen nila!

      • Santolan Road is sandwiched by San Juan and Quezon City. Do you still remember Camp Crame. I guess that is “the” place. 🙂

    • Mg feelingera talaga yung mga santolan wala pa nga sila napapatunyan sa MW.. ay naku hindi c Valerie ang katapat ng kandidata nila woot!woot

  7. Christine was featured in the “Indonesian Pageants” site in FB. Some comments are in English and they are saying nasty things about her. Their post about her was taken out after a while, siguro sobrang nahiya yung admin doon dahil sobra ang pamba-bash nila sa isang hearing impaired.

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