12 comments on “A Circle of Friends Amidst the Competition

  1. In the higher tier local and international pageants, was there ever a winner who also got the M8ss Frienship award?

  2. This batch is really the best so far for MWP. Although I like them all, Valerie remains my top pick.

  3. Just having an early Saturday fun… If I have to give a score as to their chances of getting the crown from 1 to 10, here’s how I would rank & score them just by looking at the group shot:

    Rachel Peters 8.77
    Alexa Kirby 7.19
    Lorraine Kendrickson 6.90
    Gazini Ganados 6.44
    Kristine Estoque 6.44

    Happy weekend everyone! 🙂

  4. They should all try Bb. Pilipinas next year. Who knows, they might get a title and a crown next year.

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