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  1. From Sidney Sheldon’s Windmills of the Gods, ‘Just remember, when someone has an accent, it means that he knows one more language than you do.’

    I don’t have any personal experience to share about Kris. Sad. Anyway, I hope she wins. We need more ‘mainstream’ good news for the Philippines.

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      • From reading all your comments on this page…It seems to me that you know much more about the pageant than Kris herself.

        And then this. Your comment on C2F ‘s post. It’s very interesting that you know much more about Miss Intercontinental THAN Miss Intercontinental.

        It’s like asking “What is your name?” to a person whose name is Jane; and when she tells you that her name IS Jane, you insist that it isn’t.

        Don’t get me wrong. You probably have a point. I just find it interesting that you keep on pushing for what you know and calling Kris Janson and MIC liars, or misinformed to say the least, in the process.

  3. I wonder where Kris got all the information she disseminated about MIc during the interview…

    – Biggest European pageant
    – With around seventy contestants
    – 44 years in existence
    – Etcetera

    When it is a fact that she is only competing on the 43rd edition of the pageant with still unknown number of participants. Last year they only had 59 and the pageant’s attendance only had a record-breaking of 61 when it was held in China in 2005.

    She should be thankful that Boy and Kris are not that informed about the pageant, otherwise, bara doon – bara dito ang matitikman niya sa dalawa.

    Please don’t get me wrong, KT was one of my top bets during BbP2014 and she still is my top bet for MIc2014 crown. Kaya lang nakaka-turn off panoorin na tinatanong siya ng Tagalog at sinasagot niya sa Ingles. Bukod sa hindi perfect ang grammar niya, hindi siya fluid magsalita. Puro ek-ek pa ang mga sinasabi niya.

    Still I wish you the very best, Kris Tiffany. Don’t forget to bring home that crown. 🙂

    • She’s born and raised Cebu..
      Tagalog is their 3rd Language to learn therefore they speak better English than Tagalog…
      If you ask her in Cebuanon, she would most probably reply in fluent Cebuanon.

      • Oh! Really?!? I presume that when she was in primary and middle school, the medium of basic instruction then was Filipino. Not sure though…

      • True. I am from Davao. And when I moved to Luzon, I preferred using English to Filipino, especially when I needed to say a lengthy explanation.

        From what I have observed, people I know from Visayas and Mindanao are more comfortable in using English because it is practically our second language. Primary and middle school textbooks are mostly written in English, while people in our local communities use our own dialects.

        Kung hindi pa siguro ako tumagal ng higit isang dekada dito sa Luzon, hindi pa ako mahahasa sa paggamit ng Tagalog.

      • Hi! Thanks for your enlightenment.

        I actually lived longer outside of the country and when I returned a few years ago and visited Baguio City, I was amazed that all the youngsters there spoke Tagalog more than Ilocano or whatever dialect they have in that place. That’s how I presumed that all youngsters in the country are now fluent in Filipino.

        I was obviously wrong. And thanks again.

      • My great grandfather is from Cebu… I talked to my relatives there and they have a hard time speaking in Tagalog because of the difference in grammar and accent. Just like Kris, my cousins studied in private schools in Cebu where in majority of the lessons are thought in English.. They only started learning to speak fluent Tagalog during their Filipino subject when they were 6 years old in 1st grade. Majority of their Filipino language teachers are also Visayan.

    • In fairness to Kris J, sa kadaldalan ng isang Kris who needs to be told to shut up most of the time to let other people speak, she was unable to elaborate and truly respond to the questions. Buti pa si Kuya Boy, tumatahimik.. And true her Tagalog isn’t as fluid as her English so I don’t think it makes her less of an eloquent speaker. Obviously Kris J is trying to talk in the vernacular i.e. Tagalog-based Filipino.

      • I am with you actually, Dawn. I just wished she made a proper research so I could agree with the things she said. In fairness, Kris likes her aura now than before. 🙂

    • Kris was only speaking in English because it is a language she’s much more comfortable in.

      I, for one, am a Cebuano. Pwede akong magTagalog (I will call the langauge Filipino) kung gusto ko, but hanggang ngayon hirap parin ako to fluently speak in Filipino. I sometimes still lose my train of thought if I speak in the language.

      And while I agree that may English isn’t perfect, I am more at ease when I use this than Filipino.

      So excuse us Cebuanos if you find it bothering and a turn-off that we speak English to send a message across. Please take this as a friendly travel-tip in case you plan to visit Cenu one day.

      • Lonewulf and Closer2Fame have enlightened me about the scenarios. Now I fully understood Kris’ situation. I am sure you didn’t read everything I wrote because I did accept I was wrong. My apologies to you, too, if I’ve hurt your feelings. Likewise to all those that felt the same. Peace.

  4. Love her nung napanuod ko sa sa A&A last night. laki ng pinagbago niya, from her look, to how she handles interview/questions.. mas articulate siya and mas confident siya. kita mo sa upo pa lang, nag improve talaga. she’s not the timid/shytype kris and maraming paligoy ligoy when she first appeared in A&A.. best of luck kris! I know you can do it.

    oh, btw.. nadistract ako sa teeth niya. hindi mukhang natural but she looks gorge on it.. so wala na akong reklamo. hehe

  5. I’m glad she guested in that show……

    Kris Janson looks fresher and really beautiful….elegant..

  6. Tito Norm,halatang my binago sa ngipin nya? But she looks more gorgeou n stunning sa newlook nya. Anong gnawa sa teeth nya TiTo Norm? Jacket ba yan?

  7. she was pretty and very articulate last night, I just noticed her teeth, hinde natural. nevertheless, she is still beautiful.

  8. Her hair and makeup look great! Best of luck, Kris! Uggghh…and deadma na lang to the other Kris…so annoying!

    • thankful na lang at na interview ni Kris A si Kris Janson, sikat si Kris at training na yan sa interview, at least now makilala na ang pambato natin sa Miss Intercontinental dahil sa show ni Kris esp. mga kababayan natin na di naman nakakapag internet.

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