17 comments on “What’s the buzz about Rachel Peters?

  1. It makes perfect sense that she went ahead of the rest because she was with her amigas and that the activities prior to the swim wear shoot were not mandatory at all. All the buzz created made sense as well because of her obvious absence in the activities.

    If, in fact, she did defy any of the rules, it is but rightful to disqualify her even if she is one of the favourites for the title.

    BTW, she looks good in the pic. In fact, she is the best looking one amongst them. 😉

    • I agree!

      Just because it’s not mandatory doesn’t mean she’s allowed to miss out. It just shows her lack of dedication and focus. Therefore, she doesn’t even desserve a runner-up placement. 😦

  2. Oh my! Better edit this article after it has been confirmed that it’s not a contestant of a rival pageant & their event but a local tv star. Perhaps they are all common friends & was on a night out. No need to put malice on the picture. Norms, save your credibility. Don’t be like Mike Lim. Ready for a lot of thumbs down. 🙂

    • But she was still missing in Miss World Philippines 2014 activities, right? More than a few days, I was told. But more than the actual Miss Global Philippines 2014 happening in CamSur (the province where she allegedly went), there is still something to be said about making herself readily available as a MWP Official Candidate – aside from being pictured with the other pageant’s Chief Operating Officer – all throughout the duration of the whole thing,

  3. Who needs a brain when you have a hot body?!
    Ok 1 down… 2 to go! Hahaha

    Just kidding! LOL! 😀

  4. The girl on the right is a GMA/Viva Artist Yassi Pressman maybe she’s on of the performerS and not a candidate Tita Norms 🙂

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