11 comments on “Miss Tourism World Philippines 2014

  1. Fresh from YT care of Romblon News!!!

    Just who are they, Norman?!?

    Congratulations to all the newly-crowned titlists! 🙂

  2. It’s almost October and still the intenational org has not decided where the finals should be held? A sure sign of instability!

    To me, the most credibnle/stable title with “tourism” in it is MISS TOURISM INTERNATIONAL!!! 🙂

    Just wondering what happened last night. There’s no news about it or the press was just not interested with the result?!?

  3. In fairness my budget and Miss Tourism World Philippines, MOA Arena talaga. Mas maganda ang venue kaysa dun sa isang pageant na pool party lang ang peg.

  4. ok norman is miss universe on the 18th or 25th of January? apparently there is an interview of the mayor of doral Miami that it is going to be on the 25th. im so confused now good thing I havent booked anything yet. even though I remember you norman telling me that 18 was already final.

    • Since you haven’t made any bookings yet. I would suggest that they come up with a final date first. I don’t like it that these people are playing with our heads. They want to share the mess with us.

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