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  1. @Spotify

    As I said, my statement is a just a theory. And when I said Casinos in general have a bad conotation… Yes, the prizes are great because they have millions of customers who lost their money at their business through gambling. I’m not labeling them for something that is unknown to anyone and I did mention that I do not know if BBP is biased against their pageant winners. If you think that GAMBLING is something positive and should be promoted then I completely disagree with you . 🙂

  2. See, sabi ko si rog ang mananalo, lucky charm ng taga cebu si emma….whaaaat, cebu again…cool…rogilir joined miss word b4 top 10 lang ata, but she grab best in talent that time…she was also crowned miss prisaa and reyna ng aliwan…baka next year bb. Na siya sasali…strong bets for cebu next bb. Emma is promising pang mu ang aura ayusin nya lang ang q &a…

  3. My THEORY:

    Maybe, Casino Filipino did not want Emma to win because they don’t want to repeat what happened to Lady Riva where in she won Miss Casino Filipino and yet she was snubbed twice in Binibini. Their winner as a clapper at the most prestigious pageant in the country is surely a bad publicity for their winners and what they represent. I’m not sure if BBP is biased against winners of MCF because of the negative connotations of “Casinos” and it’s patron BUT crowning Emma would be bad for marketing if ever she loses again in Binibini after this pageant. Since it is first of all a beauty pageant, making Emma drab by the stylists as advice of the pageant organizers will probably justify her 1st runner-up placement in this lower tier pageant.

    • Look at you desperately justifying why Emma didn’t bag the crown. They all deserve to win. To Emma’s credit, she was a strong contender but Rogelie came out victorious. Give credit where credit is due. Also, no need to bash Casino Filipino by labeling it having “negative” connotations. The goal of the pageant is to support the advocacy of the winner, and there is nothing negative about that. And by the way, call it lower-tier but the prizes surely ain’t.

    • Ako nga, I was just looking at the pics and I have to find out where she is positioned as per Norman’s. Jeez… Why did she allow that to happen?!? What is done is done. I hope she learned a lesson for her next BbP, MPE or MWP trials next year. I actually like her.

  4. The winner does not deserve her surname. LOL.

    Noticeably, CF always crown an immaculate-looking face. Remember Ladylyn Riva?

    Congratulations, winners!!! 🙂

  5. Emma Tiglao is really pretty in person; yung nakaka starstruck, parang si Mutya. 🙂

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