6 comments on “Miss Grand International 2014 Sukhothai Tour

  1. The hair and outfit could’ve been much better BUT the lightly smoked eyes, and the slightly opened mouth with natural looking pink lips looks very commercial in a good way!…
    Thank God somebody’s listening! 😀

    • Ha-ha…what a shame! Somebody is taking credit for somebody’s effort! Bad “taste”…disgustingly bad “taste”! Next time, just thank God, not for your unsolicited advise, but for somebody who is laughingly reading your posts! LOL!

  2. Just enjoy and relax, Kim. Just be sure you always get the media’s attention for better exposure. 😉 By now you should know your best angles. 🙂

  3. Janelee is super ganda Tito Norms. sarap titigan ng mukha. i hope she can stop the war. char lang. anyway, I hope Kim is enjoying her stay in Thailand, no pressure just enjoying. 🙂

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