14 comments on “Can Patrizia Bosco be considered for Miss Progress International 2015?

  1. Great suggestion, Norman. The pageant doesn’t have any credibility yet but since MNP lost their Intercontinental franchise, they should seriously consider taking this on, especially since they have the perfect candidate for it. This new pageant might also favour Patricia not only because she’s Italian but also because the fastest way for a pageant to gain some clout is to crown a Miss Philippines.

  2. Beautiful Girl.

    And look at her gown too.

    What’s with the explosion of all new international beauty pageants? There must be money to be made somewhere out there.

    On the lighter side: if the opposite of Pro is Con. Is the opposite of Progress, Congress?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be Ms. Congress International soon.

  3. When I read your blog yesterday and found out about the news the first thing that came in my mind is why not mutya ng pilipinas acquire the franchise so they will have mutya-intl; mutya-tourism intl and mutya-prigress

  4. That’s a perfect suggestion Norms. I hope that Mutya ng Pilipinas get to see your post and act upon it.

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