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  1. i am a huge fan of valerie!!!! sana talaga siya ang manalo na miss world philippines 2014.kaya lang medyo hindi sya relax sa paglakad pati facial expressions.unlike lorraine na very confident and ozing with appeal baka maagaw pa ang corona kay valerie but i am rooting for miss weighmann.lov u val.calling the attention of aces and queens pls fix the small issues of val when it comes to walking and projecting on stage.i was actually expecting a lot more since she is a ramp model

  2. After watching the video of the press presentation, I’m placing my bet to Lorraine Kendrickson! Her smile is quite likable and she looks genuine and sincere on the stage, too. This is the girl to beat come the coronation night. πŸ™‚

  3. Ok. I watched the videos again. And from someone who recognises his own mistakes, I will have to be humble enough about my hasty prejudgement of Valerie.

    That girl is indeed the total package. There are a handful of equally beautiful girls but Valerie carries herself well. She has je ne sais quoi.

    I agree with the blogger’s Top 5. But Contestant #19 for the win.


    • She’s pretty with nice bold eyes, however, she does not look typically Spanish to me. Hmmm… I would only compare her to Valerie when the latter is declared winner. πŸ™‚ But I am sure you already know my answer to that. πŸ˜‰

      • Maganda, pero mga kabogera are: Mexico, Turkey, India, and Guyana. Pina-soft ng Gouldian ang look ni Ms. Guyana, dati very fierce siya, now sweet and lovely.

    • Only twenty three percent of the total twenty six can execute a good swimwear walk — 1, 5, 7, 16, 17 & 19. I am quite disasppointed with the rest knowing that they’ve been trained yet their best just didn’t show. Strictly my opinion.

  5. that cruz girl who supposedly is the sister of Geneva cruz if ever she doesn’t win here should very well try for binibining pilipinas next year I mean she’s stunning! very filipina and very modelesque features love her!

    • She’s very Filipina and yet has a very ideal face proportions that is also very symetrical…
      With some toninh on the legs and some high grade trainning, she’s perfect to compete again for bbp! She could at least get BBP supranational under the KF or A&Q…

  6. I’m glad that MWP is really creating a buzz in mainstream and social media. Many people are talking about this pageant!

  7. My top 3 bets:
    1. Val
    2. Lorraine
    3. Rachel

    pero parang kay Val itey mapupunta. she has the height, looks and she’s sexy na a bit toning and polishing with her projections, styling then she’s good to go. para siyang MJ Lastimosa natin. she’s almost ready to conquer the world!

    she’s giving me this Priscilla Meirelles aura. lalo na when she smiles.

  8. The three hopefuls who received the most attention during the press presentation:

    Valerie Weigmann - Lorraine Kendrickson - Rachel Peters

    19 – Valerie Wegmann
    07 – Rachel Peters
    01 – Lorraine Kendrickson

  9. Valerie looks so much better here than in the screenings, but she still has many things to improve on (like her smile, the visible facial lines, and her body – too thin!). When the competition was held last year, Megan really had nothing much to work on except maybe her BWaP. Valerie’s BWaP, on ther other hand, clearly sets her apart from the rest.

    I really like Rachel Peters; she has, after all, the best body and legs. Her styling needs updating. Her hair is too curly which makes her look older. Softer waves, I think, would look better on her. Having said that, her BWaP is nowhere near as impressive as Val’s. I sure hope she joins BbP next year! Her body and legs alone are enough for her to land a crown!

    Honestly, I’m not as impressed with Gazini as people seem to be. Her hair is flat and looks somewhat damaged; her body needs a lot of toning; and her face, albeit beautiful, lacks charm. And, again, her BWaP is almost nonexistent.

    Lorraine has a sweet face, but her veneers are very distracting. I think she’d be better in Miss International.

    I didn’t even notice Alexa Kirby. I don’t think she’ll be in the Top 5. I much prefer Priscilla Kimberly dela Cruz to her.

  10. Valerie needs to drop her jaw a little bit. Yan lang ang kulang sa sinasabi nilang pilit na ngiti. Kailangan ng pisngi niya ng more space para di magmukhang pilit ang ngiti niya. In other words, di kasya ang pisngi niya sa mukha niya. Other than that, perfect na si Valerie for Miss World Philippines.

    • Hi C2F, I could easily say that I’m a model but I’m just a marketing guy. LOL. More than that, I practice the ‘nganga’ look myself. I tend to look fat in photos if I don’t drop my jaw a little bit. AND I DON’T WANNA LOOK FAT. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Sir Norman πŸ™‚ Would you have a video of their catwalk while they were being introduced. At least we will have an idea how they presented themselves in motion… Thank you πŸ™‚

  12. I like how Valerie styled her hair, bagay sa kanya. She didnt look too Caucasian to me, keep it up. She’s got a big chance of bagging the title. Do I have a change of heart? I don’t mind. LOL!!
    Btw, candidate no 7 is screaming confidence. Look at them legs!!

  13. My top choice ever is Val, pero parang di cya naka chest out dto. Mejo kuba ng konti pero baka bbaguhin nya din sa susunod na mga araw. Tiwala lng. Hehe. Cya din mananalo, pero tong si Peters umaarangkad. Whew. Tindig n katawan n presence nya anlakas din eh. Naguguluhan tuloy ako haha. Pero 1st choice pa din is Val, if sumemplang e si Peters. Keribels di ako magrereklamo hehe.


      • @Hunk5525

        I agree, isa yun sa problem ko sa kanya… It’s too round and well placed against her lean rib cage that makes it too obvious… but I love the small waist, tapered hips and long gorgeous legs… hmmmm I’m torn

    • I also like Rachel Peters. She will definitely give Valerie a run for her money in the looks dept. But im not sure about her bwap though.

  14. While I agree with your top 5 Sir Norman, I really can’t see Valerie as Ms. World material. The smile is so forced – she looks constipated. She looks mature too. And again, what’s with the obviously fake eyelashes? Is she joining Super Sireyna?

    To say that there is no Megan in this batch is an understatement. Having said that, I will go with #1 or # 5.

    Lol @ gov as member of UMD. (Unanong Macho Dancer)

    • @Thomas


      Seriously?!… #1 &#5?!
      I don’t want to mention the flaws of those girls cause someone here might label me again as a hater… BUT again, the winner will only have a month to prepare for their “beauty w/ a purpose” and “multi-media” campaign… If the winner has not established her foothold on those fast tracks then she may just end up as a clapper… There is a good reason why the theme and slogan of Miss World is “Beauty with a purpose”.

      • Based on your argument, then I think Valerie should be the winner. Let us declare her Miss World Philippines now. Hands up. Bar none. No questions asked.

        It’s just sad that the girl who had the advantage of being “clever or sneaky ” enough to prepare ahead of time (say, hmmm….three weeks ago?) with her Cause (namely, the earth-shaking, ground-breaking Cause of taking care of cats [no offence to cats]) and Multi-media campaign (namely, wanton self-promotion via multi-media) , who may not be the most-facially-blessed one (and I am being kind about this), will win.

        Yes, it is a “Beauty with a Purpose” pageant. There is a good reason why “beauty” should come before the “purpose”.

        Rating : 3 stars. Translation : VVWW : Victorious Valeri Will Win.

      • @thomas -i’ve been seeing comments about Val’s bwp on cats – was it a running joke? I’ve always thought her bwp entry would be musikaramay for indigenous filipinos.

      • @Thomas

        You are definitely misinformed…
        Try scrolling down and check the older posts?… Heard about “Musikaramay”? LOL
        That BWP about cats is obviously some of us commenter’s banter about the topic.. Don’t be too gullible…

        Not the most facially blessed, seriously?! πŸ™‚
        I don’t mind that #1 is a tad short for international standards but have you seen the choppers of that girl?! πŸ˜€
        As for #5, her flabs can be sucked out in less than a month but have you seen her profile face shot?!

        Puhlease!… if your giving Val a 3 star rating then how many stars does the the girls you’re rooting for desserve?

        I don’t hate #1 &#5. They are definitely in my TOP 5… BUT only as 1st & 2nd princess.. Simply because they are not the total package. πŸ™‚

      • Wow. For someone who claims “not wanting to mention the flaws of other girls ’cause you might be labeled a hater”… that was quite a mouthful C2F. I wonder what you are like as a hater. lol.

        As I’ve said, VVWW (victorious Valerie will win). But I still stand by with my opinion : She looks constipated.

        Having said that, World Peace. Lol.

  15. pampadami nalang young iba mga wala pa ata as kalahati ang me laban talaga sana d masyadong madami iisa lang naman any koronang pinaglalabanan.
    I enjoy niyo nalang mga girls ang experience, libreng training na din yan para sa next pageant nyo. ngayon pa lang Alam name kung sino ang me pag asa talaga sa korona.

  16. Lorraine and Valarie both have winning auras. Rachel is pretty close. Gazinni doesn’t stand out. πŸ˜”

  17. Ohhh Gov Migz in there… Cool. πŸ™‚

    Based on these pics, Valerie stands out even on the group shot with Ms. Quirino at the topmost pic.

    Sexy Norman, when will you post your assessment on these ladies after the press presentation?! Who got your votes?! (I’m excited) πŸ™‚

    • Wow, Norman . I’ve never heard u say anything like this before. Have u seen them in person?
      It seems to me , based on these pics alone , that 1 and 7 can still pull off a win depending on the judges ‘ taste.
      1 is a sweet heart and 7 can excel in the Q and A.

      • Let’s put it this way, F. The competition is circling around 4, at most 5, girls at this point. So if we are to hold a guessing game, it’s almost like giving them mere rankings instead of being muddled up by several choices. Only the deaf girl, Christine Balaguer, is capable of breaking the circle at this point. I know it sounds so definitive, but that is the way I see them after getting up close and personal with all of the ladies in at least two occasions now.

        1, 7 and 19 will definitely be up there. 3 and 5 are closing in. 12 has an outside clear shot.

    • Miss Earth will have its first back-to-back win this coming November in the name of Stefanie de Zorzi..

      Stefania Fernandez made it in Miss Universe 2009, now its turn for
      Stefanie de Zorzi to make it as Miss Earth 2014.

      Similar Names for Similar Victories!

    • From MANG JOSE’S Predictions:
      This Governor is a Queen!
      Who is this male governor who is hiding in the closet? His wife is also a big-timer, but he is groping in the dark for the right partner. Evidences of his homosexuality will be brought to the open, to the disgust of the public.

      The gay community will exalt to this, and the governor will finally loosen his cape up.

      Sino itong isang gobernador na beki pala.Astig ang asawa ngunit nangangapa pala ng kaparehas ng kaniyang dinadala.Lalabas ang mga patunay na beki ito at halos isuka ito ng sambayan.Magdidiwang ang mga beki at ang beking gobernador ay tuluyan nang maglaladlad.
      Posted by Mang Jose at 18:44 5 comments:
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      • Paano nmaang naging si Gov. Migs yun e wala pa namng asawa ang gobernadora este gobernador.

    • Pilit pa rin ang ngiti..all throughout the presentation she was an image of “forced smiles”…nearly false smiles…

  18. I know off topic, but the press con that I am waiting is the Presscon for Miss Universe. Hay….

  19. Thanks for this coverage Sir Norman! Can’t wait to see the pics and I want to know your personal thoughts about the 26 candidates.

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