7 comments on “Miss Grand International 2014 Arrivals

  1. This year must be a tougher competition than last as the candidates are more beautiful, one way or the other. I could remember the premier show when you could count the stunners by the fingers of one hand. Congratulations, Nawatt! Wishing Miss Grand International more success.

    Kimberly Karlsson for the win! 🙂

    • Ampanget naman ng pageant name nila!
      Hindi man lang pinag-isipan..
      Saka ung advocacy, bayan!? Pero pede narin….

      Kung ako lang talaga magpapatayo ng pageant,,
      Anti-Racism ang peg!


      • @FERYA

        I love it!… teka.. baka anti-discrimination?….
        Wag ka mag alala.. feeling ko mauna ka pa magcomepete sa Miss U… Bata ka pa naman… me chance ka pa magpa retoke! 😀

      • Yes, gurl.
        because i’m only seventeen years old, and that would be my first pageant ever…
        My Pamilee is the most important persons in my life!

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