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  1. I bet she was made to look like a Thai Princess when she left to gain instant fondness from the nice people of Thailand. A great strategy, JDV!

    All the best of luck, Kimberly. For the win!!!

  2. Check out Mang Jose’s prediction on her. His blog also has a prediction on MJ. Worth checking it out.

  3. Na-sad talaga ako kay Kimberly, napa-OHMYGODLORDGOODNESS parang Mrs. Grandthailand ang sasalihan nya. JDV camp, bakit kayo ganyan! kawawa naman si kim

  4. Kulang lang sa contouring yan. Fault ng make up artist. A body con dress doesn’t really suit the hairstyle. Fault ng stylist. Basa basa rin ng fashion magazines pag may time para May idea what works best for a particular look. She is gorgeous – I saw her winning look during the coronation at may Laban sya with the perfect styling and makeup. Don’t be harsh on her. She isn’t being judged yet. 🙂

    • Dear in any competition as early as now she will be judged na. Do you think pagkakaguluhan sya sa Thailand? Oh, welll bakit hindi she’s like a lady boy naman. Miss Tiffany ba sasalihan nya?

      • Officially? All I read are you and the commenters here judging her. Maybe some suggestions will help her rather than dismiss her completely. Hun, you don’t know how hard it is until you are in her shoes. So go wear her Louboutins and talk to me later.

    • The giant bun is too low which emphasizes the roundness of her forehead and full cheeks while making her chin look weak… This can simply be remedied by making it a few inches higher and using a different shape… Mild contouring using different tones of make-up foundation is enough to create a natural looking illusion of a sharper edgier face.. Regular RF sessions or a 1 time Cheek lipo-tuck could create a semi-permanent fix. Creating bigger eyes and a sharper nose through make-up will also create a slimming effect on the face. NEVER WEAR HORIZONTAL LINES if you already have a plump body!!! In pageants, it’s all about 1st impressions and so wearing popular colors that are warm and friendly would be most ideal ( orange, light blue, yellow).. If you want something more regal then ( purple, indigo, violet or something gold/ silver)… If you want something that would turn heads then wear something vibrant ( shiny, red,yellow, silver, gold). Always emphasize your assets whether it’s a tiny waist, tapered hips, healthy breasts or sexy bum. Just make sure that your silhouette is an hourglass figure. Balancing one’s look by covering some areas that are too exposed will make one create a sophisticated. Think of what the look reminds you of whether it has positive or negative recall. Always look for PEGS like an International FASHION ICON whether it’s royalty, a politician, a pop star, a supermodel or a Hollywood actress. Ideally, choose/ copy the look of the Icon who matches the brand of the pageant.

  5. Kayang kaya ko himayin ang mali sa styling nya mula ulo hangang kuko… Pero me magagawa pa ba tayo?… Alam naman nating lahat na styling ang consistent weakness ng campo nya… at obviously, hindi na sila natuto… Sige support nalang tayo… I hope she becomes a finalist. Please do your best and I wish you all the luck!

  6. She reminds me of Pebbles Asis – Miss Universe 1987 semi-finalist! I have an inkling that she’ll be doing well in Thailand…kaya magtago na yong mga nangookray sa kanya, LOL!

  7. Mag ala Margie sana ang kapalaran mo Kimberly. I heard from a friend the story of how when Margie won Bb. Pilipinas back in the the day that she was also called monay face and everyone thought she will never win and yet she won Miss Universe. Just be yourself and enjoy your journey. Win or lose, be proud of yourself.

  8. good luck girl Sana palarin ka
    pero wag ka na sana maghairdo ng ganyan d bagay sa yo lugay nalang para d masyado maging malaki tingnan ang fez mu

  9. With this look, she sure fits the ideal clapper mold. Sana pang-airport lang ang ayos na yan at mai-transform nang big time come pageant night.

  10. Bakit puros kayo reklamo, competition na ba yan? Sa Airport pa lang yan mga manang mga ingga!

  11. di bagay sa kanya ang nakapusod kasi lalong lumalaki ang mukha niya! winner siya kung sponsor ng mgi ay bakery ng MONAY o gumagawa ng SIOPAO! fire the stylist of this poor woman!

  12. I don’t like the way she Is styled here. Everything is so wrong. I still wish her all the best. I hope she will surprise us in the end.

  13. Now that’s just a loosing case from all angles .. Enjoy the trip to Bangkok. Frankly I don’t see anything about this girl than can convince anybody that she even has a slightest chance of winning or at least making it to the top 5

  14. haaay kaloka ang look niya. dapat i fire ang nag style sakanya. she looks like inday g x queen melo sa styling niya.

    hey, im not a hater or basher ha! i am supporting her all the way, pero aminin naman natin. chaka ng styling niya. 😦

    • Sana si Kimverlyn Suiza or Ladylyn Riva na lang!
      I think mas bet ng mga Thai ang beauty ng dalawa…


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