36 comments on “Sunday Specials: Roxanne Cabañero is not a Miss World Philippines 2014 Official Candidate anymore

  1. Nakakatawa talaga sya, alam nya namn sa umpisa pa lang na pwedeng masira ang imahe ng mwp dahil aa kanya, eh baket nagpumilit pa mag pa screen, nagpapapansin ka lang talaga anu? Gusto ipagpilitan na ni rape ka talaga ni vhong, grabe ka neng, sa binibini hinde ka talaga magkakatitle kahit wala kang kontrobersyal na issue, sa miss world philippines pa kaya? Isip sip din pag mag time,

  2. I feel sorry for this girl cuz she has to endure her trial by publicity. People judge her based on what they read and seen on TV and nobody in this forum even knew this girl personally and the reasons behind her past mistakes. im sure all of us has shamed ourselves at some point of our lives and we should be thankful that people around us has given us that 2nd, 3rd , 4th chance to get back to our feet. Why cant we give her that chance? I agree this platform may not be the best avenue for her to redeem herself in the eyes of the public who has been drunk with what so far media has fed them. Sometimes we have to look at ourselves and reflect about the goodness that we have received from other people and pay it forward especially to Roxanne. Im glad Madam Cory looked beyond her past and see her thru the strength of her advocacy . It just sucks that people,like me and most of the forumers here, who live sinful lives and some others who have done far worse were the ones who cast huge righteous stones and calling her all sorts of names. Such names that we so rightfully deserve but we dont want other people call us because of our moral sinfulness in so many levels. Instead, we should cheer her on to continue doing good things that adds value to other peoples lives and herself . I applaud her courage for absorbing all these bashings and surviving thru it all. I think we all can learn from her a thing or two about stumbling down and getting up even without the support of most people who doesnt even matter anyway..

    • This is d right time to prove herself that she is not immoral by joining this contest until grand finals. Backing out means guilty of being immoral because of the guidelines on moral issues as candidate of Miss World Philippines.
      She said: “give chance to others”…who is she? WHO IS SHE to say that. She is a sure loser in this competition. It only shows that she’s not true to her advocacy…She should display humbleness and not arrogance.
      I do not know what drama she wants to show us…whatever her lawyer wants her to do but i don’t think this will not help or give merits to her “rape” case.

    • In acquiescence. Honestly, I love to see her compete in this pagean and gauge how the people will judge Roxanne. shes a sinner, yes. but giving her a chance to showcase her mettle is another, in a fair competition. to the extent that i want to invest in her, gown assistance, some accessories, nothing spectacular though. just to see her through. anyways, decisions had been made. Good luck Roxanne, thank you Norman and kudos MWP!

  3. mabuti nalang at nag-back out ang bruha. hindi naman siya mananalo.

    and remember, ang platform daw niya ay women and child abuse – laking hypocrite ang babaeng ito pagnalaman na hindi pala totoo na narape siya.

    baka during the pageant, gawin din niya yung ginawa niya during sumali siya sa Miss Bikini Philippines – tapos dadawit niya and MWP.

    kung ako si Roxanne aminin na niya na nagsinungaling siya – baka mapatawad pa siya ni vhong at hindi siya kasuhan ng million. nakasuhan na nga siya ng miss bikini Philippines.

    • alam din siguro ni Roxanne na pagsumali siya si MWP, talagang maeexpose siya at lalabas ang katotohanan na nagsinungaling siya.

      tignan niyo sa MAWP at ang Miss Thailand Universe – puro controversy.

  4. Bakit di dumalo si Meagan sa Screening? I guess masyado na syang important for such events? Per nagstar magic ball ha! Hehe

  5. I partialy agree with you but Roxanne’s past reputation for escorting rich men in return for money prior to her claim that she was raped greatly diminishes her credibility. If she was forced to have sex by a man who paid for her company, will you still consider her a victim even though she entered a situation based on her own judgement?

  6. Ateng Roxanne, mag Japan ka na lang!
    Kire kire.
    Mapapakinabangan mo yang pag emote emote mo na yan, medaling mauto ang mga sakang.
    Lantod lantod, idol na sana kita kaya lang nagback-out ka pang hitad ka.
    So ano?, buntis ka na at si Vhong Revilla ang ama.
    Nieta ka!

    • Has she already proven her accusation? The investigating prosecutor has not even resolved the complaint. So hold your horse! Not every woman who screams “rape” is credible much less this attention-seeking whore.

      • @Spread Eagle

        Hindi ko magets mga comments mo..
        Sino ba sa amin gusto maging woman and ano connection nya kay Roxanne?..
        Blind Item ba… clue naman please?

    • Roxanne’s complaint has inconsistencies particularly on the timing and the datr she alleged rape by Vhong.

      Remember she filed the case only after Deniece controversy.

      On the date discrepancy, she and her lawyer’s explanations were vague, thus the public is unforgiving and not sympathetic.

    • U know how justice rolls in the Philippines. I don’t care whether she is consistent or not with her statements. The fact that the man in question is Vhong Navarro is enough to make anyone feel violated. Can u imagine Vhong being on top of u ? Hahaha

    • mga HYPOCRITE lang naman ang galit sa kanya, at yung mga vhong at showtime fantards aka JOLOGS! 😆

  7. For you Roxanne to be accepted, just be truthful and be sincere. People would know if you are lying…if you are being inconsistent. If you think you are right, then why be afraid? Kung may katwiran ka, Ipaglaban mo! Pero kung sinungaling ka, mas nakabubuti na umatras ka na lang!

    • if she backs out, then everyoit it is a proof that she lied and vhong and his lawyer filed a million peso perjury case against her. Bago kasi umarte – magisp-isip muna.

      in the end, the only one who will win here is her lawyer.

  8. Di naman sya pang Miss World in my opinion. If ako ang judge…1st impression ko sa kanya di puede..cannot.

    Kahit BBP…no..no…sorry.

  9. Actually napatawad ko naman sya sa pagiging controbersyal nya.. Feeling ko naman nag sisi na sya… Let’s all give her a chance! 🙂

    Ang hindi ko lang mapatawad eh ang chaka nyang styling at ang walang sense of aesthetics nyang nude pics… Maghuhubad ka na nga.. nambubulaga ka pa.. Kailangan “Hello world, all the way” talaga ang peg ng shoot mo?! At higit sa lahat…Diet diet din pag may time… Mas sexy pa si Patani ng survivor…

    Sana magka showbiz career ka!
    I wish you the best!

  10. According to Cory, she was suppose to come out with a statement on this. Most likely tomorrow and I hope we can get the official 25 candidates by then.

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