21 comments on “Two more KF Beauties for MWP2014 emerge

  1. Ruffa Nava was not just plucked from the rural fringes, she has been a PMAP model for a few years and was named as one of Manila’s hottest models by Cosmo a couple of years. Her high fashion shots are online. She is a frontrunner.

    • My apologies for that description, but it was the tagline used by her camp when the image above was uploaded. I just reworded it.

  2. I like Ina even for Bb Pilipinas. But, gawd!!! The girl needs to go back to elementary and be more responsible with her studies. She competed in Miss Bicolandia 2014 and she choked again for the nth time in joining beauty pageants. But, I really see her as a very beautiful woman. I like her more when she had this natural curls na sobrang exotic. I love her eyes but not her nose (which went to surgery). Kaso, hindi niya ata talaga forte ang communication. Ibang type of intelligence ang binigay sa kanya ni Lord.

  3. I really really hope MJ can compete and the speculations and rumors will be cleared up ones and for all. There’s no bigger and better representative for our country than her. I believe Gloria Diaz was crowned Miss Universe 1969 in Florida during her time and how cool would that be if we take home the crown again in Florida!

  4. ewan ko nlng kung di pa manalo kf jan, msjoritu from kf.. just like miss philippines earth. haha..

  5. Hi norman is Miami jan 18 confirmed by miss universe org already?cause I’ll be booking flight and hotel very soon. thanks!!

  6. this girl, ruffa nava, is the girl to watch out for. she has outstanding facial proportions and features. no need for the hype. she has the most potential to stand out in the miss universe or miss world pageants.

  7. i guess gabriela isler will have the longest reign and the girl she crowns will have the shortest reign! because they will have another miss universe by fall 2015! I’m happy it’s in florida! I can watch it live finally!

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