16 comments on “Christine Balaguer: From Paddles to Pageants

  1. Rejoinder to my earlier blog: if Christine will play her cards right, being deaf-mute, an Elite model and member of the Phil Rowing Team, she can be a good MW spokesperson and image model. With all the crises we have in the world today—ISIS, Ukraine- Russia war, Ebola, Chinas expansionism, plane crashes and disappearances, civil wars—a non verbal language from a physically challenged will resonate more than those harangues by politicians and ideologues.

  2. If my memory serves me right, there has been a deaf-mute Miss America winner. Being deaf-mute and a successful fashion model could be an interesting background of a beauty-with- a-purpose winner. She will definitely be a good role model for the youth, especially for the physically challenged, who need to be empowered to turn their weaknesses into strengths. Contests like MW would be a very good platform for advancing the cause of those in similar predicament. Conversely, contestants like her– or better still, winners like her– would be avery good embodiment of a pageant’s avowed purpose. Rare personalities like hers could easily catch the world’s attention and add positive value to the brand essence of Miss World.

    My hunch is that if there is one who can be a back-to-back winner to Megan Young, she has to be somebody interestingly different, but outstanding just the same, to catch the fancy and imagination of the global audiences. What about a beautiful deaf-mute as a spokesperson and an image model of the world’s beauty-with-a-purpose pageant?

    I do hope she will do good in this competition– and win!

  3. Very interesting. She still needs more polishing tho specially on her stance and physique.

    • Wait wait wait, nieta ha.
      Umamin ba si Balaguer na Lesby sya para sabihin mong Patricia Yurena of the Philippines sya?
      Pag may paddle tibo na?
      Nieta ka!

  4. Tito Norms off topic. I thought this girl that had alopecia (can’t recall her name) was joining MWP? What happened?

  5. Seriously she is a paddler?! Hmmmm never had chance to see her even if my team and RCP got the same time of training schedule. Might as well check on this lady the coming training days! 🙂

      • Yeah I know that great deaf paddlers comes from RCP… hmmmm now I am curious on this lady. Wish I can still see her during training days, most likely this coming weekend! I just need to memorize her name so I can ask her team mates! Haha!

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