65 comments on “Roxanne Cabañero is now a Miss World Philippines 2014 Official Candidate

  1. Ask ko lang, sang camp sya?

    Puro KF this year ang winners. Halos iilan lang ang A&Q.
    Aside from Valerie, sino pa ba ang entry ng A&Q?
    Meron bang iba pang beauty camps for MWP this year?

    Meron ba from Crame, Bagong Diwa, Caringal, etc.?

      • Ninang, nag-back out na pala si Roxanne.
        Wala namang paninindigan ang hitad na ito.
        This is her chance to redeem herself, but she blew it away.
        Tsk tsk tsk.

  2. Miss World 1998 ang drama ni Lola!
    Rape Victim kuno….
    Malay ba naten kung totoo dba? We dont know her personally….

  3. Well enjoy yourself Roxanne because you’re not going to win and with all the lies you’ve told

  4. Ewww this is Miss World and not mustasa worlmaykatoc. You are in the wrong contest my dear. Dapat sa sirana (not sirena but literally sirana) contest siya sumali

    Walang aangal diyan

  5. If we’re to base the winners on their impact on social media, she could give Valerie a run for her money on the MWP title. Gawa na lang siya ng reality show, malay natin siya na pala ang Kim Kardashian ng Pilipinas.

  6. What’s wrong with being gay? FYI, “deep throat” and sit on pipes” aren’t exclusively for gay men. Women do that too! Gays are only wrong according to your religion. Morality has nothing to do with religion and is not the sole intellectual property of religion or it’s members. You can be a gay man or an atheist and still have morals. So your point that “you are gay, you don’t have the right to talk about morality” is completely invalid.

  7. I admire her guts. This lady is a fighter.
    The fact that she filed a rape case against a famous comedian is extraordinary. In return, the comedian/host filed perjury case against Roxanne with P1.6 M as damages. The court is yet to issue a resolution for both cases.

    IMO, Roxanne will not get a crown. If she’ll make it as a semi-finalist, that would be a boost to her confidence and hopefully, she will regain her self trust/respect.

      • … or she’s simply a pathological liar. Someone’s gonna get kicked out of the competition in the next few days, I can already smell it.

  8. daming ipokrito dito! stop acting like the “burn against” or INCult zombies” with i-am-holier-than-though and i-will-be-saved-and-you-won’t-be attitudes! dalawa lang namang uri ng tao yung galit sa pagsali ni roxanne, 1)mga ipokrito at 2) mga fantard ni vhong at showtime in other words mga JOLOGS! 😆

      • Well, san longhino, i dont like roxy’s joining MWP but im terribly sorry to say i’m neither ipokrito nor jologs. From where i am now i can instead classify people here into 2: those who allow themselves to be classified by u & those who don’t.

  9. I find her beauty really intersting…very pinay indeed! She might not be considered a frontrunner in the MWP but she will definitely give a hype for the pageant… Thats an edge for her, having a media mileage ahead of everyone else.

    CQ will benefit from her inclusion so with GMA7 as the station to telecast the show.
    Go girl and speak out your advocies in life, MWP is the best avenue to do so..only very few ladies can do that!

    • Hey Sheena…
      long time no chat… namiss kita…
      I just feel that she needs to shape up to compete with the likes of Val, Rachel and Gazini…

      I think showing her assets could be her best strategy to excell in this competition. If so, then she should start doing crunches, squats & kegels to reach that total fighting form! :-D8

    • Aynaku sumakit ang mata ko upon seeing a video of her na rumarampa tapos nakatalikod. Goodness, ang cellulites nagmumura. I’m sorry pero pet peeve ko ang sumasali ng beauty pageant na halatang hindi pinaghandaan pysically, just look at the armpit fats and super thunder thighs :\

    • You should see her nude pics…

      Hardcore Kegel exercises are not enough to tone those flabs on those puckered lips saying “Hello World!”

    • Sister, gusto kong makatulog ng mahimbing sa gabi kaya wala akong balak makita yan nyahahaha #badgirl


  11. If Mr. Donald Trump allowing contestants who have questionable moral character in the beauty pageant. Who are we to judge Roxanne Cabenero? Nobody’s perfect. She maybe the worst woman in the planet but she has the right to join like anybody else in any contest. Whatever her chosen profession it is not our business to stop her. I have my highest respect to Ms. Cory Quirino for giving Roxanne a chance to join in the contest. I am praying for more success in the Miss World Philippines organization and more winners in the Miss World Beauty Pageant in the years to come.

  12. Is it me or talagang Fight Club ang mga puson? Hopefully it’s just the lighting. Otherwise, brown rice and salmon from now on.

  13. setting aside her issues, she doesn’t look prepared
    MW is just a few weeks after the MWP
    so the winner should be already prepared for the international pageant
    i think she’s just one of the fillers to make it look that there’s a pageant
    but there’s already actually a winner
    parang MW lang talaga yan

  14. People will quickly dismiss her as just a filler. That CQ only took her in for media mileage. Maybe true or not.
    But Sir N, IMHO, maybe The reason why CQ took Roxanne in her pageant is because maybe she could also relate to what the latter has gone through in the past. Wasn’t it 20years ago that CQ made it to the headlines because she was allegedly kidnapped and raped? Correct me if I’m wrong.
    So maybe just like what she experienced before, CQ is giving her a second chance in life through her pageant.
    Whatever will be the outcome of Roxanne’s stint in MWp, I am all for it. Not everyone is being given a second chance.
    Of course she wants to win but I think we immediate goal
    For now is to get her groove back. Her confidence back. Lahat nan Tayo pwede magbago Basta humingi ng tawad sa Diyos ng mataimtim.

    • Let’s see how this girl will turn her planned advocacy to something worth our while reading (and understanding). 😉

  15. Go girl!
    Fight lang ng fight.
    I know you can make it.
    With your virginal aura, Mama Julia will surely handpick you as the MW2014.

    Like you , I’m also a rape victim, but I learned not to resist.
    Who am I to resist, I’m just a woman, weak woman.
    You are the epitome of strength.

    Roxanne Guinoo for the win!

    • Ang pota mas malala pa k Denice (whatever the spelling is). Beauty queen wannabe to becoming a lawyer kamo? Sa bagay, libre mangarap.

  16. Wow I can’t believed this. She still have the guts to join this pageant.
    Firstly,she’s ugly forgive me but that is true. Secondly,with what
    She underwent to the so called bong rape or what have they. Please
    Spare yourself to public criticism. One fact not to be relegated is that
    She had that sex controversy, period.

    • Nahilo nman aq sa ingles mo teh. Sumakit ang ulo q sa paglahok ni Roxy, pinasakit mo pa ang bangs q. Anuveh!

  17. Let the one has never sinned throw the first stone. She definitely doesnt give a damn about what others think. GOOD for her! That said, how many people will watch MWP with Roxanne as part of the roster of contestants. Cory Quirino could not have written a better script. May Roxy dazzle the judges at the talent competetion. 🙂

    • People will watch MWP because of their passion for pageants, with or without this woman. LOL.

  18. Kahit hindi pa tapos ang “scandal” na hinayag nya, at ibinasura ng korte suprema, heto at MWP ang kinakareer ng Lola nyo, di ba’t may frontal nudity photos din siya sa internet? And it was proven na si Roxanne iyon?
    Ok Roxanne ……. MAG KAPE KA MUNA TE…… Ayoko talagang mainis, pero seriously KAPE KAPE MUNA PAG MAY TIME!!!

  19. Integrity, credibility and self respect definitely is of über importance for someone to create positive impact on other people’s lives. I recognise her need to redeem herself, but is this the right venue? The right time? Who am I to judge? People will always remember her from those controversies she got herself involved with. Let’s wait and see.

  20. Eto ang mahigpit na makakalaban ni Valerie! Morena,pinay beauty!may awrang authority! Hindi padaraig sa ano mang laban! At higit sa lahat to the highest ang advocacy niya!!Ekkkkkkkk paano yan judge ata si Bong toink!toink! Tapos na ba kaso niyang nakabinbin? Tatanong lang po!

  21. For someone who’s claiming that she’s going through a lot of anxieties, I. CANT. EVEN.

    Ugh. SMH.

  22. I think that as a prestigious pageant, Miss World Philippines has standards they have to maintain. IMHO, admitting someone with a history like Roxanne to the circle of candidates is drastically lowering those standards. A beauty queen (more-so one in a pageant as esteemed as MWP) is looked up to as an example and role model. Miss Cabanero is definitely lacking in this respect.

  23. While we were taking photos Norman, my jaws almost fell. Like I said, this is going to be very interesting.

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