21 comments on “Rachel Peters: KF’s Fil-Brit Secret Weapon?

  1. babalina at parang fake yung boobs…but she’s better than valerie na hindi mukhang pinay or even half.

  2. I gave her a compliment on one of your earlier post and I got thumbs down but based on the thread below people do like her! SMH!

    Yeah she’s got my bet! And yes she does look like MJ.

    I was surprised about Valerie, I really thought she would stand out.

    • Moedizzy, i rarely get thumbs ups i am getting used to it. Ha ha anyway, i am starting to like rachel peters. I dunno. I guess i always go gaga over women with killer waists. Kumusta naman ang ate Venus ko db? Chos



    • I’ve never been a fan of Kris Aquino and her artificial pastiness both inside and out. She clearly doles out (unsolicited) love advice as if she were vetted and qualified to do so, especially given her own history, and she tends to bait her guests to make revelations that only serve to increase her own agenda and increase her publicity. Sensationalism is what she thrives upon. I find her voice annoying–bordering on nasal, and I remember her giving a back-handed compliment to one of her guests one time, impressing upon me how her popularity was only possible by riding on the revered coattails of her surname. There’s nothing insightful or journalistic about her interview with Neil, that other hosts, shows, or news sources haven’t already revealed. What a waste of Neil’s time. Yes, I’m sure the interview would have been better with Boy Abunda asking the questions.

  4. off topic: based sa pics i saw, i find valerie’s smile very forced!! tends to be fake ung smile nya. she needs to relax! tensed maxado ung muscles around sa mouth nya, i cant see the glow in her eyes! shes effortlessly beautiful na! even without smiling shes a goddess! pressured cguro maxado si val kase from A&Q din si megan tas xa lng din ang ipnadala ng A&Q. compared to gazzini and loraine’s smile they appear to be enjoying and relaxed. makikita mo tlga sa muka ni val na tensed xa lalo na sa pag smile. umaariella arida. valerie! relax lng ng konti te. enjoy ka jn. kaya mo yan 😉

    • Hi Marty! Haha. Napansin mo rin pala. We have the same observation (pinost ko rin sa adveturesofabeautyqueen na blog). Mukhang pilit na pilit nga yung ngiti nya eh. Dala na rin siguro nung passion niyang manalo, o baka hindi siya masiyadong aware na ganun yung itsura ng ngiti niya. Hehe. Medyo stiff rin yung poses niya (medj awkard) based sa pics. We can’t avoid to compare her though sa mga KF bets this early. But knowing A&Q, they will address this soon.

      If Val will not succumb to pressure, then, there is a new Ms. World Phil. in the making 🙂

      • teh, are ypu barking the wrong tree or iniisip mo lng si marty? hahaha OMG! youre so landi gurl. lol. BTW, i also have to say na mejo tanned lng maxado si val na nagmumukhang dry n xa tingnan pero i guess this is A&Q’s strategy na para bang pagdating ng coronation night e maggglow nlng bigla si val naturally. maliligo at maliligo p dn nmn cguro si val araw2x, haha. malayo pa ang october so, the tan will wear off nga nmn 🙂

  5. I love the body but she doesn’t have Val’s long neck… And again, Val is way ahead when it comes to TV exposure, Social-media and Beauty with purpose campaigns.

    Goodluck to the other girls if they could surpass that… 🙂

  6. Val is a goddess, but Rachelle is more appealing than she.
    The latter has a winning aura.
    For me, she’s the female version of Nina Ricci Alagao.

    The silent killer of this batch is undeniably Miss Peters.

    Rachelle Lobangco for the win.

  7. Is it just me, or are there angles where she kinda looks like MJ Lastimosa? Hehe. I find her and Ms. Ganados more appealing than Valerie (for the moment). But it’s too early to tell. 🙂 i am excited to find out who, among the early favorites, can maintain their spots to the end.

    • Yes, she is indeed a silent killer in this competition. I like her so let’s wait and see.

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