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  1. VALERIE WEIGMANN has the same striking and easy to the eyes physical attributes as MEGAN YOUNG, MISS WORLD 2014. I read a critique of Valerie’s contrived (pilit) smile during day 1 of the selection process in Ms. Burton-Titular’s blog. The critique is valid to a limited degree. However, evaluating the contestants based on one to four photos is undoubtedly insufficient in delivering fair impressions.

    I have seen Valerie’s other photos and videos, and unflattering (pilit) did not register in any of them.
    Let us make a hypothetical agreement that the photo(s) of Valerie projected the commenter’s interjected awkward, unnatural smile. But isn’t it also to infer that the contrived smile may be true for the rest of beauty pageant first-timers and even repeaters, who displayed the same look. Does this equate to indifference, disconnect, shyness and/or stage fright?

    As in any competition, I surmise that these ladies were merely feeling and testing the MWP 2014 beauty pageant environment. This “pilit” smile, if this impression is valid, will surely be a thing of the past as the competition heats up. We must also be reminded that Valerie’s and the other delegates’ beauty camps’ mentors have been keenly observing, taking notes and continually polishing their sponsored ladies.

    Valerie Weigmann’s online photos rendered consistency with or without makeup, and dressed casually or prepped for a high fashion gig. She is divinely natural, and sweet and serene but beaming with edgy sophistication. Her stating the decision to join the MWP 2014 months before the pageant’s registration date was a bold, commendable declaration. This defines Valerie as a stalwart competitor with a punctilious sense of commitment, hard work and unquestionable tenacity to win MWP 2014 as well as Miss World 2014.

    Reviewing the September 2014 MWP 2014 delegates’ photos, Valerie is in her best competitive form to compete in the Miss World 2014, which is barely three months after the country’s representative is selected. There are few among the MWP 2014 contestants, who meet the high standards set by Megan Young; as well as previous MWP winners, runners-up, and official candidates.

    I am not undermining Ms. Cory Qurino’s decision to delay the MWP 2014 competition process, but I believe that scheduling the MWP ahead of the Binibining Pilipinas and other national pageants will ensure the participation of more highly qualified Filipinas before these ladies are siphoned off the pool. How many registered? How many among the registrants were selected to be in the official list? It seems, and this is just my observation, that the official MWP 2014 list comprises all ladies who registered.

    Holding the MWP earlier in the year guarantees:
    • participation of a bigger pool of aspiring beauty queens,
    • a more rigorous selection process using best and fair criteria assessment and evaluation tools,
    • more corporate sponsorships
    • national and worldwide exposure
    • longer preparation time for the newly crowned MWP

    Albeit many may assert, “Saving the best for last” describes the MWP pageant, we may also equate this to the infamous “hasta mañana” Filipino habit of procrastination that caused the poor registration.

    This year’s batch will be an easy task of selecting the top four candidates. Valerie easily stood out among the contestants in the group photos. Gazini Ganados, Ruffa Nava, and Lorraine Hendrickson are the three other candidates, whom I believe have the same competitive qualities. I am adding Alexa Kirby in the top tier, although she projects a level of naiveté at 18 requiring more preparation.

    I watched a You Tube video of Valerie’s guesting at “Eat Bulaga,” and she was very beautiful on the tube in all camera angles, spunky and spontaneous, fun to watch, and innately talented. She has resided in the Philippines for approximately four years, but her spoken Pilipino aptitude is remarkable.
    I strongly support Valerie Weigmann to win Miss World Philippines 2014, whom I strongly believe can match Megan Young’s MW 2013 feat. However, I will continue to follow the feeds for the rest of the candidates. Impressions change over time. My current reading may change, and my supporting another lady is surely possible.

  2. What happened to Valerie?? 😦

    Mama J, the tanned look at jet black hair… Me thinks it’s not working for Val 😦 Nagmukha cyang dugyot. Please sana ibalik ang natural skin tone nya. And she needs to gain muscle mass, ang payat sobra :\

  3. I checked the photos uploaded by sashfactor sa FB ha, for me Val pa din. Iba pa rin yung dating nya kahit maraming nagsasabing sobrang tan nya. Aurang pang MWP. #ValforMWP2014

  4. kinda disappointed with this year’s batch of MWP. ang tagal tagal natin inantay, namove ang screenings and all, tapos eto lang ma ppresent nila CQ? I mean, i am expecting a lot from them now simula ng nanalo si Megan. sana hindi na nila inachieve yung goal nila na 20+ candidates kung medyo low quality naman yung iba (sorry, alam naman nating totoo e..) mataas na dapat ang standards nila ngayon dapat lahat upgrade from last year.

    or sana ginawa nila kumuha nalang sila ng mga candidates or applicants na pasok talaga sa banga keber bang maski 5 lang sila, kung lahat naman caliber nila Val and Rachel Peters di ba?

    paano pa nila mapupuno ang MOA Arena niyan? haha sorry. plus andiyan pa si Roxanne? i agree that everybody deserves a second chance.. pero alam naman natin ang storya ni Roxanne. Miss World pa sinalihan niya… kaloka.

    anyway, let’s give CQ a chance to prove us wrong.. malay naman natin bongga ang MWP ngayon.

    pero based on sa pics.. bet ko si Val and Rachel. next si Lorraine and Kirb and Gazini.

  5. 1.Good Moral Character
    Di ba’t isa Ito sa mga qualification stated sa MWP , Binibining Pilipinas and numerous provincial and metro beauty pageants in the Philippines and all over the world?
    Kahit dito sa USA, when I applied for my naturalization, it was one of the requirements…..
    Eh bakit pasok itong Roxanne? …….
    Where’s my Advil?, Sumakit ang cerebellum and cerebrum ko!!!

  6. Naubusan na yata ng beauties si Cory Quirino, ilan lang talaga ang may kalidad sa mga kandidata. This batch is really way behind of BBP 2014 official candidates.

    • We all need to keep in mind that, compared to Bb. Pilipinas with five crowns at stake, Miss World Philippines offers just one title. For that reason alone, potential joiners are not necessarily tempted to sign up right away. Add to that the fact that the much-heralded ladies who expressed their intentions of vying for the crown early on have already taken their spots as strong favorites. 😉

      • Yes i agree with you Norman, but in this case that there will be only 1 winner, I think Cory should limit the official candidates probably to 12 or 15 only. Sayang lang kasi kung sa umpisa pa lang alam mong wala ng kapanapanalo ang ibang kandidata. Again this is only my opinion.

      • Ganito nalang yan.. gandahan ang production at palakihin ang prizes even for the runner-ups… I’m sure lahat ng mga pageant veterans maglalaban laban just for that.. And each one should have an advocacy/charity to share the prize with. I’m sure madaming major corporation mag sponsor just for the good PR that it would create.. so to Miss Cory.. focus on the charitable cause… Talo pa sila ng Suffer Sireyna when it comes to beauty with a purpose.. crazy!

  7. I’m so sorry Nicole.. I know your a very nice girl but CUTE won’t cut it! You whole styling is a mess…. Are you doing this on purpose to get noticed? FYI, its working alright… but not in a good way.. ughhhhhh

  8. Valerie and Roxanne stand out here. Valerie looks like the winner already. My question is about her beautiful golden tan. Is it natural or regular sessions at the salon? Roxanne is in shape with her one piece swimsuit. Remember ROUND is a shape.

  9. Anyare sa MWP???? parang pinababa ung standards nila sa pag accept nila kay roxanne!!! Roxanne is not good to this pageant….nagmumukhang cheap….shes a prostitute with lots of scandals….daming hubad na pic sa internet….ung kasinungalingan nya sa rape case vs. vhong…. Dapat nga mas pataasin nila ang standards ng pageant since ang reigning miss world is from PH….nagmukha talagang cheap ung pageant dahil kay roxanne….ang gaganda ng mga beauties from a&q and kf and iba pa tapos si roxanne!!! Ewwwwwww

  10. Half Pinay from Borneo, Malaysia plus two fellow Malaysian friends Don (Pinoy) and Cassie (Chinese) support Valerie for Miss World Philippines 2014 crown.

    Valerie, we’re with you. All the best and cheers from Malaysia. Some Malaysian fans love her.

  11. ng sabi nila top 30 ng kunin nila this year 2014 bakit 25 n lng ng miss world philippines 2014? ano ng nangyari s miss world philippines 2014

  12. I love Valerie but I think that she looks too skinny (based on the pics).

    Looks like 2014 is KF year.

  13. Hola! I like this batch. Roxanne Cabanero will be good for the ratings. While she has a checkered character, I hope she’ll give Valerie, the women of K Flores a truly good fight. Naloka ako sa kanyang inclusion. But ngayon pa lang Congratulations Cory!

  14. Tito Norms, hindi mo betsina si Roxanne? Chos!

    Anyways, sad ako at hindi nakapasok yung number 5 (dark skinned) kasi para naman may variety ang official candidates. Anyways, hindi siguro betsina ni madam CQ siya. Hays, sayang.

    • Lalo La, there are seven more girls expected to join them. Let’s wait and see if she gets the permission to take part from her parents. 😉

    • Kaya nga ate’ bakit di nakapasok ung Negra? Ok naman un ah’ At ang malupet, nkapasok ung ibang chimay, porque maputi kahit mataba ska pandak nakapasok…. Ewan ko sau Madam Cory!

  15. I love Valerie and I want her to win, but I have two concerns:

    1. The tan isn’t working on her favor.

    2. The styling doesn’t suit her well.

    I know that it’s just the 2nd day of screening, but I hope that they improve on those two things that I said.

    The tan is making her look older. If they push the tan look on Val, she might end up looking like Ara Arida during her MU stint. She lost her freshness, her youthful glow.

    The styling is a bit off for me. I know that they’re trying to make her look elegant and classy just like Megan last year, but what works for Megan may not necessarily work for Valerie. I hope they find the right styling for her.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

    • I agree… mukhang nasobrahan ng konti…. pero ilang paligo lang mag lighten din yan… ready for the pageant night

      • Agree, sis! Sana huwag nila ipilit.

        Gym + Tan, magd-dry talaga itsura niya. Anyways, screening pa lang naman. I am confident that Val will improve in the span of the competition.

        I hope that her handlers from A&Q are reading Tito Norman’s blog. Maganda ang nakikinig sa opinion ng mga fans, lalo na sa sangka-bekihan.


  16. Sir Norman, yang Roxanne Cabanero ba ay same nung alleged na ni-rape daw sya ni Vhong? Diba may case din against sa kanya yung isang pageant? Hindi ba sya ma disqualify nyan?

  17. Tito Norms, kasama pala c Roxanne Cabanero s official candidates ng Miss World Philippines despite s mga kabi kabilang issues? Anyway I hope akma ung beauty with a purpose sa Kanya this time. Lahat nmn Pwede magbago sana itong pageant n Ito ang tuluyang makapagpabago s Kanya.

  18. Ganda talaga ni Val! Pero sumobra yata sa tanning lotion! At yung Balaguer, pume-peg ng taga Santolon Station!

    • That’s what i said! Women with naturally dark skin are attractive (fine knock outs. Ehem parul ehem venus) but those who stayed out int he sun too long? Not so much.

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