12 comments on “Getting-to-know-your-Mister-of-the-Philippines-2014: Adam Davies

  1. Owe My Gass!
    Ayokong kumurap. I see imperfection just on the hairstyle, and the rest is paradise.

  2. A side from being good looking! Also very intelligent indeed! By the way the santol and indong bash to death our halfie representative in diff beauty pageant! Puro daw halfie cinesend natin lalo na raw sa mwp! Lakas makainggit diba! Nakakalimutan na ba nila si janine tugonon, ara, Miriam Q mga tunay na dugong filipina na lumampaso sa mga kandidata nila! Esep esep! Eh ano magagawa nila eh batayan ni madam cory ala megan young! Hihihi

  3. Dear john, i’ve moved on. Thank u for d memories. I’ve Adam Davies now, & god, do i love him to bits!

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