7 comments on “Sunday Specials: Miss World Philippines 2014 at the SM MOA Arena

  1. sana bongga ang production ni CQ! lalo na’t reigning MW si Megan. itodo na niya pagyayabang! hehehe

  2. Not bashing, but it would be nice if the rumored BF would stay away from this gig. It would look like he’s getting this gig because of Megan. It would look like he’s using her current fame status. Seriously, we keep hearing interviews of him about Megan. It’s getting annoying that almost every interview of his, Megan’s name would be dragged in their conversation. Having him would not look good for any of them – not for him, not for megan and also not for MWP. It’ll be so much better if they choose someone who knows how to do hosting and not choose someone because of his connections to Megan.

  3. From the very beginning, Cory Quirino has always been the headliner of every Miss World Philipines ad. It’s like saying ‘ I’m the star of the show!’ Why? It’s very irritating.
    She needs to stop that.

  4. H’wag na sanang si Boy Panga ang mag-host, kahit BF pa siya ni Megan. Wala namang kilig factor sa kanila. Si Tom Rodriguez na lang, kahit solo, kayang-kaya ni Daddy ‘yon!

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