30 comments on “Sunday Specials: In defense of online media

  1. Negativity is obviously a product of insecurity. I am sure the jerk knows it by now. As far as I know, your beauty blog is the numero uno in the universe. Though I may not be as active as before as I have to take care of my bowl of rice, I still pay this best website a browsin’ once in a while to get updated with tidbits of news on events you don’t easily find on the web. A BIG THANKS to you, Norman.. Cheers!

  2. Ayan ginagalit nyo ang sexy Norman namin! Matakot na yan kung sino man! Yeeehaw! πŸ™‚

  3. Blogging is no easy task. You’re doing great Tito Norms and the increasing number of followers and hits attest to your status as superstar and prove that you are credible and well- loved in the pageant arena. That writer kuno is one insecure person whose very existence is being threatened by the growing popularity of bloggers and internet websites. I pity him for his inability to adapt to changing times. I was once a print journalist and a blogger and I know that if you are a true writer you’ll appreciate writers who continue to use words, prose, and phrases to express themselves in any form. I just don’t appreciate your talents Tito Norms. I also admire you for your dedication and passion. Keep the flames alive!

    • I meant to write I don’t just appreciate your talents but also admire … See how words can be arranged to mean something else πŸ™‚

  4. I’m one of your legions of avid followers Tito Norms because you are a broad-minded , level-headed, kindhearted, dedicated & witty blogger in and beyond d realm of beauty pageant. & d blogger is the blog. So please keep it up Tito Norms. & to quote d carpenters… i won’t last a day without u… mmmwah!

  5. Oh ok I get it now Tito Norms…
    so thats why your asking me what I would do with all these information aside from me enjoying our chats. First of all, I can easily give my opinion here as a comment and get an immidiate positive, negative or extremist reaction from a simple clicking of thumbs up to long essays of replies from your other oppinionated loyal followers. I learn a lot from thess informations… Not only about history, the arts, politics and current events related to pageantry but also the lives of those people who chose this industry to be part of themselves. You all inspire me to be a better person in so many ways. And lastly, to find out more about these candidates enables me to select carefully who is the most desserving of our support. IMO, I love to support those who are most inspiring and I those who I know would do good to others once they reach that point of success. If I promote or coach them and they do succeed, I feel like I have a contribution to their triumph and it will carry on in helping my own selfless advocacies. πŸ™‚

  6. lola norms sinong chipipay na tabloid writer ba yon? basta ako i love norman’s blog! eto lang ang blog na binabasa ko 24/7! kahit na wala pang bagong article binabasa ko ulit kahit na nabasa ko pa nang paulit-ulit at di pa rin nakakasawa. this is the best blog dedicated to pageants, and the perfect blog for pageant fanatics and lunatics like me! πŸ˜†

  7. Blogging is never easy. Anyone can make a blog but content and interesting topics? Nah, your blog is way above gossip and fashionista wannabes who only blog because they have sponsors who paid them in cash or kind. That makes some of the bloggers causing a negative image reverberated to the formal and the norm – print media. Some like you are the exceptional ones.

  8. Don’t mind them. Blogging is not an easy task. Again, it’s the crab mentality. You are doing a fantastic job out of passion. I love your blog and we always follow you here in Seattle. Keep blogging!

  9. Never mind them Norman. Those people sourgraping envy you a lot. Ang Tao pag nasasapawan para paraan Kung gum aw ang intriga.. Mahirap minsan sa mga Pilipino ang daming inggit sa Katawan. Just go ahead let them be 1 of your follower Norman Hehhehe.

    People try to find what is best to do in life stop being crab mentality, our world has a lot to offer. If you want success then push more, sometimes we just want abundant blessing in return of minimal effort. Pag alam mo na talunan ka sa kakulangan mo sabihin kasalanan ng iba. Tsk tsk tsk. Remember “We lie loudest when we lie to Ourselves”.

  10. There are not enough superlatives to describe this website, your writing, and your subject matters. No need to defend yourself from the jealous barbs of others, your work speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes. You have an international following who, for the most part, are intelligent, informed, and enlightened. I have no doubt who I believe in – I believe and stand by you dear Norman. You are the best blogger, bar none!

  11. RESPECT is the basic foundation of any relationship, if you don’t have “respect” then there’s no way that a relationship will produce expected outcomes. Sir Norms, you have brought wonderful outcomes on this blog, that person who irked you is one of the “wannabe’s” who I’m sure knew you and wants to steal the attention….. In other words gustong sumikat, “para paraan” lang iyan…..
    You’re great and wonderful Sir Norms, dedmahin mo nalang!

  12. We love you,Norman.Your sacrifice in doing this blog is not hard to see and your dedication is just unbelievably beautiful.And again,thank you!God bless you!

  13. I couldn’t agree more Kuya Norms. I love your blog, I visit twice a day, and what you have here that they don’t is CREDIBILITY, that’s why you are still here and getting all the hits they can only dream about. Keep it up. I hope to meet you too soon in the future.

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