25 comments on “Throwback Thursday 2: Desiree Verdadero’s gown during MU1984

  1. When the top 10 came together, Desiree’s gown stood out the most. Against the white, red, blacks, she looks stunning in her colorful patterned gown

  2. Please watch her duirng the Q&A, it was so funny when she said that she had many designer friends that “If they want me, they get me” he he he

  3. The best pa din ang gown ni MU 1999 1st runner up Miriam Quiamabao at MU 1980 Phil. Rep. Chat Silayan +

  4. the material looked like a “Coockoor” (kukurtinahin) but wow she carried it so well she got 92.55 while the others got line of 8’s only.

  5. Checked the video..

    Desiree was dwarfed by Statuesque beuties and yet she stood out.. She’s like a combo of Miriam, Janine and Ara… That’s the winning PEG!!! 😀

    Btw, is it just me or if you combine the gowns of Sweden and Venezuela the product would be Elsa’s gown in “Frozen”? .. LOL.. wala lang… hahaha

  6. On the contrary, i think the gown didn’t look cheap at all. If anything, the Philippines (or Desiree) was very brave to wear a multi-colored gown in a sea of boring whites and blues. Tawag-pansin.

    And she scored one of the highest (if not the highest ) in the long gown competition. Bravo!

  7. actually this gown looks kumot na binalabal lang, but Desiree wore it so elegantly at naging mukhang mamahalin yong tela. If I know binili lang ni Mama Renee yong tela sa Divisoria ha ha ha ha ha pero tignan nyo naman mga palanga nong inirampa na ni Desiree,kala mo rumarampa sya sa stage ng Versace fashion show.

    But my most favorite evening gown worn by a Philippine representative in MU is the gown worn by Chat Silayan in 1980 MU in Korea. The serpentina cut powder blue number with matching tela sa mga kamay, gandang ganda ako kay Chat that time lalo na ng magbuka yong mga pamaypay at pababa ba sya sa hagdan at sabay bwelta ng isang malaking ikot na para bang nagsasabing “akin ang entasbladong ito” o di ba Taray! Kung tutuusin sya dapat ang top scorer sa evening gown at hindi si Ms. USA>

    • I believe the Venus cut gown witha loud pattern worn by Desiree has the same silhouette as the iconic gowns worn by Jackie Onasis and Imelda Marcos. Meanwhile, Chat Silayan’s gown was ahead of her time… The same color, shape and cut still echoes in the winning pageant gowns of today.. Ex. Janine’s Miss U gown and Megan’s Miss World gown. Mama Rene is a living proof of the Filipino talent.

  8. Before Rio Mori donned anprinted gown for the MU coronation night, nauna na si Ate Des.

    E kamusta naman kaya ang gown na sinuot ni Chat Silayan? Buhay pa kaya?

  9. Did she really win Best in Long Gown in the MU pageant? Norms, can you verify that piece of info alongside the rest of the trivia in that board?

  10. Iba yung nakasulat sa tabi ng gown! Nakalagay Miss Universe 1983 3rd Runner Up.
    Di ba 1984 dapat?

    • kerek, sasabihin na tacky etc. kalokah di ba yong last creation sa mutya umani ng parangal i mean patutsada.

    • Although, pag sa MU, Jeannie Mae won’t criticize the gown. She never does. Pa-safe lagi si ate.

      • “What all you fans think about Miss Philippines gown here? Yellow is the color of joy and celebration and that really represents her country. Now, I love the shape of this dress, its so celebratory and is perfect with long straight hair. Copy Cat!”

        Yan ung pgkakarinig ko sa comments nya kay Ariella Arida.
        Pero honestly gusto ko si Ariella sa Evening Gown performance nya.

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