17 comments on “Her name is Gazini Christiana Ganados

  1. MUP material. She looks like Miss Brazil 2007 in some angles. And she got a killer body.

  2. looking at these photos, they (weigmann, ganados, etc) are not really as stunning as megan. another mestiza may probably win the local pageant, but i doubt that she will be good (or lucky) enough to give philippines a back-to-back victory in the miss W pageant.

  3. Ganda naman ni Ateng, pero mas pang Miss Universe ang aura nya.
    Ang gusto kasi ni Moommy Julia e yung aurang mabaet, tulad ni Miss USA nung 2010.

  4. Hahajaja!
    Excited much sa upcoming MWP’s Half-Pinays’ Catfight!
    Ngdilang anghel ako. Ilan kaya silang Half-Pinay sa Pageant?
    Don’t worry, i’ll support who ever win basta deserving ….

  5. I’m torn…I always loved Valerie but she looks more Filipina and almost the same shape and features as Megan…. But I can’t be too quick to judge since I don’t know her personality yet.. Is she as lovable as Valerie Weigman? 🙂

    • attitude and personality wise? she’s always percieved as suplada or maldita dhil sa looks, pero okay nmn, tahimik lng. she was part of slimmers world philippines 2013, won by janicel lubina

      • Ahhh sya… hmmmmm I guess I need to meet her 1st.. based on publicity… Val is way way way ahead of her..

  6. Pwede. Tapos MUP2015 nalang si Valerie. Hahaha
    Gusto ko talaga makita si Valerie sa Miss Universe. 😀

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