10 comments on “I simply love Laura Lehmann!

  1. If not next year, next next year… I’d hope to see Laura one more time for BBP and capture MUP

  2. In due time, this sweet young woman will be a Miss Universe Philippines and will bring honor to our country.
    She has an effortless and radiating beauty, as what my Ninang said, unassuming.
    Laura for BBP2015.

  3. Malas nya sa tanong sa kanya nung pageant night. She did great, pero hindi enough unlike sa mga ibang contestant na minani yung tanong kasi madali lang.
    Sana siya yung maging MUP2015 kung walang sasali na higit sa kanya. 😀
    Buti nalang runner-up lang siya at hindi binigay yung tourism sa kanya. Hahaha

    • Yang ‘Bb. Tourism’ title is not actually a title. Isa lang yang malaking patibong ng pageant. Once you trap, there is no second chance for you to join. Nganga! Hopefully next year if sasali si Laura di xa mapatibong.

  4. Now, this is HOW our beauty queens should look like : Natural. Young. Full of life and not overly-done. Aside from that she’s articulate and well educated. MUST. JOIN. AGAIN. NEXT. YEAR!

    By the way Mr. Norman, were you at Rockwell Ma-Arte exhibit yesterday? I thought I saw you.

  5. Awww!! Laura ! The girl i oriGinally wanted to win MUP (until she answered d final Q & i realized she’s not ready yet) haha

    I also so adore Laura. I hope she’s reserved her self for either Bb2015 or Mwp2015 no less 🙂

    Oh, & i must say i like these photos of LL. thanks much to TT! 🙂

  6. Ss he should consider rejoining. If not next year then the year after next. She’s going to rock the Universe if she goes on to wear the Philippine sash. This girl definitely has the pizzazz , oomph and personality not to mention intelligence to be the next Filipina Miss Universe. At the rate though that she’s making inroads with her broadcasting career, rejoining Bb Pilipnas may not be in her mind.

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