13 comments on “Happy Birthday, Mister Patrick Reggie Dimayuga!

  1. He is kinda small…. But big where it matters and plays really well in both roles hehehe maybe I should call him again- he is hotter now that 5years ago lol

    • But jay you cant deny matalinong bata tong si patrick. I hope the judges go for brains over brawn. Not that the latter is less important. Para maiba naman, magpadala tayo ng kandidatong magalig magsalita.

  2. Patrick may not be the tallest (he said it so himself), he may not have the best body, he isnt even the most hyped, but i think his best asset is definitely the huge chunk of meat between his ears. Magkita kita nalang sa Q&A. Mamaniin nya yan i’m sure.

  3. Norman,I didn’t see any one worth your attention from your previous posts.
    But this guy really looks good.
    If he’s tall enough, he could win

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