21 comments on “Pushing for Patricia Tumulak

  1. I must say…… Malakas ang appeal ni PT, telegenic and photogenic too.
    I push mo na yan PT…… Gandels!

  2. Finally!!! I’m glad she is no longer in the shadows. She has always deserved to be a Miss Philippines in an international competition. It would have been fun to see her in MU but I guess it’s not meant to be. Regardless, she’s out of the shadows and is now competing internationally. FINALLY!

  3. Wow, good for her.
    I really like this girl, this is her time to shine.
    Itulak mo lang yan Patricia, push lang ng push te.

    • Tito, akala ko pa she’s married? I used to follow her on IG po and all this time I thought she’s already married.

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