12 comments on “The Face of World Pageant 2014

  1. dami naman ata??!!!..ayaw ata nila sa beauty pageant? does it mean n ngayon lang na aware yung buong mundo sa beauty pageant? sana nuon pa sila gumawa at bumuo ng mga pageant na yan para malaman kung alin talaga ang mas coveted na title and most watched event. saya cguro nun. we’ll see in the future which will last and will stand out. Syempre miss U and miss W, andyan na yan. institution na sila. hehehehehe..

  2. We’re saturated with numerous, sometimes irrelevant pageants. The whole industry looses it’s credibility, meaning and substance; the heart pumping excitement of anticipation’s no longer there, as one title to another to another to another gets awarded. We may run out of pageant titles in a matter of year or two, as every time I blink my eye, there’s something new. Holy macaroni!

  3. 5 winners lang?!?! sana dinagdagan pa nila- miss face of the universe, miss supranational tourism, world’s most gorgeous girl, miss queen universe, world’s loveliest girl… 😆

    • Or: Miss International of The Universe, Miss World of the Universe, Miss Earth Universe, Miss Grand Universe, Miss Grand World, Miss Grand Earth, Miss Grand International, Miss Super Universe Queen of the World, Miss Super International Queen of the World, Miss Super Earth Queen of the World, Miss Super World Queen of the Universe, and I wanna be awarded Super Duper Psycho of the Universe!

      • I’m actually partial to Miss Lovable Cutie Cuteness. You know, something sweet.

  4. It seems like the world is now on pageant overload. While I’ll always cheer for The Philippines in any pageant, my head is spinning from all the pageants popping up EVERYWHERE! Eeeeeeee!!!

  5. World’s Most Beautiful Girl and World’s Prettiest Girl bakt parang redundant yung mga titles. kulang na lang may Most Gorgeous Face, Most Fierce Face. Kalokah

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