11 comments on “Looking forward to Miss Panglao 2014 tonight!

  1. Tito Norms,

    Sana kasama kayo sa mga Judges ng Miss World Philippines 2014

    Have fun!

  2. Have fun Sir Norman ! You’re probably the most popular and most sought after beauty pageant judge nowadays. Congratulations 🙂

  3. Ninang, I will remind u that u will be there to judge, don’t be biased.
    Baka mamaya e mabalitaan ko na ikaw pala ang nanalo.
    Hindi porke maganda, mahalimuyak, makatas at makamandag ka ay ikaw na ang dapat putungan.
    Hindi ka kandidata, baka makalimot ka.
    Luv u Ninang!

  4. Kuya Norman…I guess you were also accorded with 5-star services at ATBR aside from assigning you to one of the best rooms! Did the organizers also offer you an all-around assistant to attend to your needs? If so, I can only fantasize that he is somebody possessing a Mr. Panglao sort of physique and charm…I can only imagine with envy that he is someone who can double as your personal masseur who can sooth with extra pleasure your tired muscles before you sleep this tonight, LOL !

    • Benji, the answers to your questions are yes, except that Pageant Director Deo entrusted me to the hands of a lady. Not that I am looking for a masseur, but a female ally is well-appreciated. 😉

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