6 comments on “Off to judge Miss Panglao 2014

  1. Tito Norms inggit ako sa yo. Panglao island is one of the beach destinations that I and my husband plan to visit next year. Saw images and photos and the island is enchanting. I hope you enjoy your trip and find someone as enchanting as the island while you’re there.

    • Enjoy the trip, yes. Find someone enchanting, perhaps but not likely. I could be too involved with the Miss Panglao competition. The weather here is very humid, though.

  2. Basta practice lang ng practice sa pag judge ng beauty contest Norms. If Perez Hilton who started blogging about Hollywood made it to becoming a judge in Miss USA (remember his question regarding gay marriage equality that lost Miss California the Miss USA crown?) Why not our own SuperStar Beauty Pageant blogger maybe, possibly, perhaps (daming baka 😄😄😄) becoming one of the Miss Universe judges in the near future? Why not? It definitely could happen and I hope it does happen. Maybe Mr. Trump or one of his assistants follows your blog and makes it happen.

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