24 comments on “With one more look at Kris Tiffany Janson

  1. Oh my what did they do to Kris’ already-pretty face? Let it be, let it be! Enhancement is fine but please some girls don’t need it! I even saw MJ’s face before and she looks more angelic… Ngayon sobra na masyado ang ngipin. They think it looks good but it doesn’t…

  2. There is still time. Please. Not loving this look at all!!! She looks old! The styling and the look reminds me so much of Nini Licaros, Criselda Lontok and Cory Quirino. These are beautiful OLD WOMEN but Kris Tiffany is in her early twenties – – for gulay’s sake!!

    • She looks like Janice Dickinson in this photo. That’s not a good comparison.. I dont know if its the photo or Im just really underwhelmed by her eyebrow and eye make up… But the hair and body are ready to go..

      ive seen one photo where she looked really gorgeous but I dont know how to post the image here..sigh. Can somebody teach me how so i can post my reference?

  3. Sorry not liking this look 😦 The teeth looks so fake on her. Sana they consulted a specialist on how can they make her face look more 3 dimensional instead.

    Did she had botox also to make the jawline more prominent?

    • Baka strong pa effect kasi bagong turok palang… Sa ngipin kasi masyado pa maputi aftr bleaching kaya it makes it look flat pero maybe a few cups of tea will make it look more natural…

      • Sister, Me thinks she needs Hyaluronic injection for her cheeks to make it look fuller. The prominent jawline is making her look tuyot for some reason 😦 IMO.

      • @Sheena..

        Oo nga… baka nasobrahan sa RF yung mukha nya lumubog tuloy ang cheekbones… kailangan nga patambukin ng konting konti…

  4. Tito Norms, basa ko.. “less h*rny” lol thorny pala.

    she’s so gorgeous with her new teeth. ang fresh niya tignan. mas nagbrighten ang aura niya. mas natural na ang smile niya! mas gusto ko yung nakababa ang hurr niya. hehe mas bagets.

    • That usually happens when a different email address is being used. Otherwise, it could be the system maintenance procedure of WordPress at the time your reply was entered. 🙂

  5. I have been waiting forever for a complete Sinulog Festival Gown by Carey Santiago….
    As in complete with full skirt, headress, props, etc… I hope we win best in National Costume and Best in Gown in any of these International Pageants….

  6. Did she get her teeth fixed ? I’m seeing a set of MJ’s teeth kinda.
    She looks lovely. And I agree a Cary Santiago or Francis Libiran to dress her up will complete the package.

  7. The teeth is becoming the Philippine Queens signature enhancement as much as the nose to venezuela… Think..

  8. Much as I want to be positive and all, what’s with that look??!! She looks masculine, gaunt, chicklet teeth, heavily made up. Is she competing in super sireyna? No offense to super sireyna. Ü

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