6 comments on “Miss Venezuela 2014: La Magia de ser Miss

  1. This is a smart move by Miss V Org… This will ensures that the winners are ideal brand ambassadors, product ambassadors and TV presentors in the future. It also creates a huge media exposure specially in the social media department which I think is their main target. We all know that it is our edge over them but with this move, we need to counter it with something bigger ASAP!!!!..

  2. ERIKA PINTO? Diba sumali sa sa miss venezuela mundo 2014? 2nd princess ata sya nun.. if I am not mistaken, sya yung may maraming supporters during the finals. o sadyang maingay lang talaga yung supporters nya nun..hehehe..isa kasi sya sa bet ko at yung number 10 sa miss venezuela mundo..

  3. Wow, not only do they have a skin-headed contestant, the same girl has a very sub-saharan features. I’ve seen mulatas in this pageant but never have I seen one that looks like Lupita Niongo or Alek Wek. I still remember when Osmel Sausa mentioned that all Venezuelan black girls are ugly. I guess he’s having a change of heart. I hope we would find a tall Filipina contestant with real Aeta descent… that would also be our first if you dont count those with mixed black african/african-american ancestry..

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