13 comments on “Presenting: The Miss Global Philippines 2014 Official Candidates

  1. Gerlie Layton OMG is by far the most exotic of them all. Her face is flawless and the rest is all beauty. Amazinggggg. Not sure how she is not in your top 6?

  2. 3 of the candidates are single mothers according dun sa report sa TV na nakita ko. They accept single mothers or girls who have kids. Something New!

  3. dami ng pageant
    although the good side is that this minor pageants can be a good platform for those who would like to test the waters of pageantry and maybe help them prepare for the bigger pageants
    iba pa din pag beterana kasi pinapadala sa isang big pageant
    kasi andun na yung confidence

  4. The beautiful ladies of the Philippines! This country has lots of them and are just waiting to be discovered…..

    Kudos to Ms. Global PH

  5. At first glance on the grid pics… I thought Patricia Ejercitado is one of the candidates but when I scrolled down, wala name niya. 🙂 This bunch of ladies are great!

    From the 6 ladies you’ve mentioned Norman, I like Ferina, Catherine, and Lorraine

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