16 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Mutya ng Pilipinas-World 1977 Anna Melissa Veneracion

  1. She did the right thing! I’m actually prouder of her for participating in the boycott than I’d be had she won the crown that year. The Apartheid is now universally thought of as a shameful thing and I’m glad she put the Philippines on the right side of history by leaving the pageant.

  2. This is not because of my affiliation with Peachy…….. but truly, her chance of winning the MW was very high during the time she joined.

    She was even approached by the MWO to convince her not to back out because her chances of winning is very high- note that she joined during the time that the Philippines is considered a super power in pageants….. and Peachy is the kind of Pinay that wins international titles, very much in the mold of Gloria Diaz

    She was already chosen to appear on activities that were reserved to possible winners and was even presented to the media as one of the girls to watch … again, note that all of the eventual top 5 came from the pre-selected group presented to the media to which Peachy was part of… not only is Peachy part of that group- she was in fact the lead choice. She was also leading in the betting polls for possible winner

    So looking back—- our history would tell us that there were 3 Pinays who were the top choice to win during their time in MW….. 1st is Peachy, then 2nd Carlene and 3rd Megan

    Carlene is a different case— becase the hype around her was generated by the media and pageant sites. Peachy and Megan were the same in the sense that they were the top choice not only of the media but also the insiders of the pageant and the experts who were predicting them to win.


  3. Peachy was really a strong contender for that year’s Miss World pageant. She won Mutya World while the late Rio Diaz won the Mutya ng Pilipinas Crown. She was a big hit in London, a crowd favorite because of her bubbly personality. She was exceptionally pretty (she is one of the prettiest Philippine bets), statuesque, excellent communication skills and outstanding poise( she was a member of a world-renowned Bayanihan(?) dance troupe. Too bad, the apartheid issue that time was really a big issue, she had to bow down to government’s order to withdraw from the race

  4. i believe South Africa sent two girls: a white girl was named Miss South Africa of course and a black girl carried the sash Africa South. Correct me if I’m wrong Tito Norms

  5. Good info tito Norms. I never knew Ms. Peachy was a MW delegate. Together with Ms Lorraine and Mr Monzon, I want to commend them for Miss Earth despite controversies. (My 1st ever comment in ur blog tito norms).

  6. I love the color of Peachy’s skin…ang ganda! I agree she could have won the 1977 crown.

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