11 comments on “Team Venezuela is complete!

  1. the first moment that I saw migbelis catellanos picture, that was last year, what I see in her is miss thalia..she looks like thalia during her marimar/maria mercedes/maria la del barrio days..hehehe..sakin lang yun..

  2. In my humble opinion, this must be Osmel’s weakest Team Venezuela in years! I can only see Staphanie de Zorzi deserving a TOP-4 placement in Miss EARTH and chubby Migbelis just reaching the semis.

    Both the MW and MI reps will not make the cut!

  3. they really look old but their look gets changed once they step inside the international arena
    maybe the overdo of the make up
    medyo kakasawa yung mukha nila na parepareho lang halos

  4. Ganda at Bubbly ni Migbelis.. hugis lang ng katawan lamang ni MJ for now… buti nalang kinakareer ni MJ ngayon ang pagtrain sa Q&A and interviews… Panis si deborah kahit sino manalo sa MWP… Malaki chansa nitong si Michelle sa ME pero I heard palaban din candidata natin mala MU Puerto Rico 2013 daw ang PEG…

    Our candidates gain prestige from how active our people are in social media… Kailangan irenovate ang site ng BBP ASAP!.. We should invest on our strengths and get a permanent fix on our weaknesses…

  5. Mas maganda pa yung rep sa Super Sireyna kesa kay Ms. International-Venezuela. Haha unang tingin ko masculada. Lols

  6. Back to back win for Venezuela Universe. Back to back win for Philippines International.

  7. Kinda look alike, nothing fresh, nothing new.
    They’re like Madame Tussaud’s model.

  8. In this shoot, how come their MW contestant has the most awkward pose and she’s the only only one with thick legs compaired to the other 3?…

  9. I noticed that the Miss earth representative speaks elegantly the same as the reigning Miss Earth 2014..hmmm maybe that’s their secret weapon…

  10. Good luck to all of you.

    I think MU and ME will place in top5/4 respectively

    MI and MW will place top 15

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