26 comments on “How true is the buzz about Miss Universe 2015?

  1. Well, if this is true, why not. i think it’s about time for us to host MU again. kasi para saakin, if ABS will produce this with a little help from the govt is okay para ma promote ang country natin. ngayong medyo umaangat na ang ekonomiya, mas makaka attract tayo ng mga tourists and investors knowing that PH can host the MU, ibig sabihin hindi ganon kahirap ang bansa natin dba?

    i just hope not this year kasi syempre pag nanalo si MJ dba…. hahahahaha anyway, walang usok kung walang apoy. haha tama ba ung kasabihan ko?

    pero masyado pang matagal ang 2015. my gad MUO, 2014 venue muna no. im sure hit na hit ang MU sa Pinas.. at yun ang gustong gusto ni ninong donald. hahahaha!!! i just hope ma feature ang famous tourist spots dito satin hindi kagaya ng mga building lang ng sponsors and the likes. right?

    OOH! and i wanna hear the MABUHAY song again!! hihi

  2. If all our dreams & wishes were realized & proven to be true then BOTH the Miss UNIVERSE & Miss WORLD Pageants in 2015 will be held in The PHILIPPINES – a historic FIRST for any nation!

    If that happens to be the case I pray & hope that both pageants will not overlap each other!

  3. I hope MJ wins this year then MU will be held here next year… Then it wouldn’t matter if we don’t win back2back… It will still be special because it would be my 1st time to watch MU live.. 😀

  4. Hi Tito Norman. Exciting indeed. And I wouldn’t be too surprised if one day the Miss Universe franchise will be owned by ABS-CBN.

  5. Oh Sir n, you don’t know how much you’ve made my day just by reading this. My gut feel is that this will push through considering how ABS has popularized Miss Universe in our shores. I am sure whoever fed u this piece of info must be a very very reliable source. You wouldn’t want to whet our appetite for nothing, right? Hahaa he must be a legit source. Hahaha
    So let’s claim all these as early as now. Miss Universe 2015 in Manila! Ariba!!! back to back win for MU 2014 and 2015!

  6. Malalaman natin ang mga kasagutan sa sandamakmak mong katanungan na yan Ninang Norman sa isang pamamaraan.

    “Basahin lahat ng liham na natanggap ni “Dear Charo”.


  7. If MU 2014 will be held in Las Vegas and possible MU 2015 will be held in Manila… then I already smell a 3rd MU crown for the Philippines…

    What do you think guys?! 🙂

  8. If any of this is true, it’s great news. If it’all true, that would be FANTASTIC!!!

  9. if there’s smoke there’s fire! I’m sure the visit of Paula shugart may have something to do with the Philippines hosting miss universe. And if Las Vegas is the host city this year well my credit card is prepared to book the hotel and tickets now!!

  10. That news article also mentioned that this year’s MU will be in Las Vegas. How true?

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