7 comments on “Teaser: Miss World 2014 Official Promo

  1. Norman, will you be going to London and covering the pageant for your worldwide fans?!!?

  2. I just love watching this teaser over and over again. I have this feeling this might be the grandest edition of its 63 years of existence.
    I just hope that they could pump up and make their final telecast more exciting.
    If they can do this, who knows, they might topple Miss Universe in terms of production values and prestige.

  3. I know Miss Universe ranks on top of the hierarchy in terms of beauty pageant prestige here in the Philippines (at least to the casual viewers/non-diehard fans), but watching this video will make one think otherwise. You can’t help but feel the pageant tagline “Beauty with a Purpose.” Love this video!

  4. It feels like watching a big budgeted Hollywood movie trailer seeing the teaser! BOOM!MW fever is on! Valerie really has big shoes to fill but I trust she will deliver!

    • No one has won the local pageant yet, so it’s kinda premature to talk about Valerie and the big task ahead. I do hope she wins, though. Val is the only girl right now whom I can confidently say can make a back-to-back win possible.

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