13 comments on “Raymond Saldana shoots Janine Tugonon anew

  1. Norman, the answer to your first question is, essenrtially, she is blessed with a God-given gift of possesing good genes!

    Also, a disciplined, exemplary & healthy lifestyle contribute to her bewitching beauty.

    I believe she is also a practising and staunch Roman Catholic as well.

    Janine Tugonon – a prominent Pinay to be prouf of!

  2. in awe! She was heavily bashed during her miss universe journey and yet look at her! the miss universe people really knows beauty when they see one!

  3. wide set eyes, full pouty lips, high cheekbones, defined jawline – all of her facial features are in perfect proportion. and best of all, nothing has been surgically enhanced.

  4. As far as MU is concerned, I think Janine is the one that got away. She would have been a worthy MU.

    • Guys, I hope that the PHILIPPINE ARENA will be the venue of the 2015 Miss UNIVERSE final should it be confirmed by MUO that we will be hosting the pageant for the third time!

      Let’s make it the BIGGEST and the BEST Miss UNIVERSE Pageant in history!

  5. She’s really one of the best and successful MUP for me. kahit ano pa sabihin nila, malayo layo na rin na aacchieve ni Janine sa states,

    She looks like Mulan dun sa naka Black dress siya. 🙂

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