16 comments on “Princess Pura: a deaf girl for Queen of the Philippines 2014

  1. Thank you to all that shared the right way to call them. It’s highly appreciated! I got so used to call them the “old” term and now I have to really be careful and address them properly.

    And to Princess Pura… All the best!!! 🙂

  2. We’re highly appreciated. Hope you can share this to Media authors. Thank you again 😉

    • Finally edited. Thanks Mr. Norman for accepted our comments. We’re highly appreciated. Hope you can share this to Media authors. Thank you again 😉

      Respectfully yours,


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  4. And also please do not use hearing -impaired. We are not broken in our hearing but hearing loss. However, Sign Language are using as primary means of communication by Filipino Deaf community. Please use the properly word is Deaf. Thanks!

  5. Dear Media Authors and News, please use “Deaf”, not Deaf-mute. It’s not properly words. Deaf recognized of Deaf community who are using natural sign language as a primary means of communication in daily lives. The group of people with our own unique language and culture. We have own identity and we would like to respected as such. Many people all over the world call themselves Deaf. Thanks from Deaf Leaders Advocacy and Community.

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  7. Hi Norman. Thought of telling you this.

    You do not use deaf-mute as it is offensive to the deaf. Deaf would do. Mute means you cannot communicate. And in their case, they can communicate naman. In a different language nga lang (sign language).

  8. Why not? She’s pretty. So she can join any beauty contest. If venezuela had vanessa peretti in 2006 and won Miss venezuela international. Why cant we hav our own?

  9. She looks really good for a 17 year old…
    In time she could store fats at the right places and gain a sexier body… I hope she persues her studies 1st.. I believe Ateneo has special courses/programs for her. Then she could join any major pageant.

  10. She is pretty Tito Norms.

    I think there was a deaf former PBB teen housemate who joined Bb Pilipinas before. If memory serves me right, she’s from Davao.

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