18 comments on “Throwback Thursday #2: Supermodel Anna Bayle

  1. Wow Ana Bayle…
    She should be the Peg of our Binibinis…
    Nalala ko nanaman finals ng Asia’s next top model season 2 kung saan ang isa sa Malaysian judge ay “1st ASIAN supermodel” kuno… hindi ata nila alam na Pilipino si Ana Bayle… tsktsk
    In fairness, kahit si Miss Thailand- World sya ang peg… so far sa mga Binibinis natin, si Hannah Ruth Sison lang ang may peg sa kanya as in malamya version…
    Next year si Janicel Lubina at Princess Abella ang magtutuos! Pero goodluck sa kanilang dalawa pag may matalinong sumali na ang Peg ay si Ana Bayle…
    Tito Norms, meron kaya?

  2. My sentimental favorite supermodel!
    I had a great experience of meeting her and be invited for a dinner in her place in Manhattan, New York, She’s soooo accommodating and humble, we call her “atseng Anna” and also met her son “calum” whose so adorable and very charming too!
    She started a line of lipsticks called “Bayle” exclusively sold at “Barney’s New York”, I’m not sure if it still sold or she eventually sold her line…..this was on the 90’s.
    Ka batch yata ni atseng Anna si Tina maristela sa Binibining Pilipinas as far as I was told, Anna started it all even before Cindy, Christy, Claudia, Naomi, Yasmeen, Karen, we’re named supermodels.
    Anna Bayle is the epitome of true supermodel and she’s Filipina!!!

  3. Sir Norms, I’ve read somewhere na “Batis Walk” ang tawag sa lakad ni Anna Bayle, inspired by the women in rural areas carrying washed clothes on top of their heads after doing the laundry in rivers/streams.

  4. Wow. What’s d title if d song kuya norman. It even mentions her name in the lyrics! Nice nman.

  5. Ibang iba si Anna Bayle. She looks tall and svelte! Now we have Ford models Charlene, Charo and Danica who did NYFW and LFW but not really high fashion or di lang na build up ni Agency.

  6. I met her 22 yrs. ago, when she was still an active ramp model. Very down to earth lady and only 5’7″, but she looks 6″ tall on films. (Yes, in those days we watch fashion shows on VHS not on Youtube.)

      • The friend I’m with when meeting her asked her, how tall she is, bec. we noticed she’s the shortest model in the show. She said 5’7″.

    • She is not 5’7”. She should be at least 5’9”. She was one year ahead of me at Philippine Science High School so I have seen her often enough and she was already quite tall back then. I did not expect her to join a beauty pageant and eventually become a supermodel because she used to slouch back then probably conscious of her height.

  7. Kay Anna Bayle naman pala ang original na Tsunami Walk at Cobra Walk, e bakit ang claim ng mahaderang si Jonas e sya ang nagturo nun kay JT.

  8. Anna Bayle was 1st runner up to Suzanne Gonzales as Miss RP 1975. Suzanne became a highly respected character actress. 2nd runner up was Beth Bautista who also entered showbiz, even winning acting awards

    • Correct! It’s Miss RP 1976 since Miss RP titles are post dated just like that of Miss America. But Suzanne competed at Miss World in 1975.

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