13 comments on “Sunday Specials: Janine Tugonon, the model

  1. Just WOW! A beauty queen who continues to spread her wings! I love her!

  2. Exotica Filipina!

    On a side note, ang lakas lang maka Danica Magpantay ng pic niya dito

      • She has some certain angles na hawig nya si Danica IMO. Good thing she was able to get back in shape too. During BbP2014 coronation night she wasn’t in good shape kasi.

  3. Her final answer still looms as the best for any candidate not to win MU. Add to the fact that the English-only language issue is always a sensitive and heated issue in the U.S. her response was excellent. Glad she’s moved on and excelling. No surprise there.

  4. Norman, I am elated to see Janine treading in the glamorous footsteps of the first Asian & Filipina Supermodel, Anna Bayle and former top Karilagan mannequin, Ping Valencia!

  5. I am so glad she made the big move to the US. She is clearly spreading her wings as evidenced by her Modelling portfolio lately. Otherwise, had she stayed longer here, she would have been forever haunted by her ex-bf split controversy.

    This is certainly a new page in Janine’s adventurous life. Go Janine!

  6. I think for sheri hill janine should won MU 2012, dba tito norms?

  7. Beautiful! Good for her! I wish her the best in all her endevours. Beautiful, just beautiful….

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