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  1. Another rumoured location for Miss Universe 2014 is Brisbane, Australia on November 26th. I think either the Gold Coast or Sydney would of been a much better location for the event if it is to be held in Australia this year.

    If she fixes her teeth, tones her body some more and works on her catwalk skills, I think she could be a top contender. The Aussie representatives are always great speakers so that’s a major plus. Right now, I see her advancing to the top 10.

    I really want to see an Aboriginal Australian representative. I know of many beautiful Indigenous girls who I think could do really well in Miss Universe.

    Australia was close to having an African-Australian representative back in 2012 until she dropped out. Her name is Kristina Adesuwa, she was born to a Nigerian father and an Australian mother in Sydney. She would of been the perfect rep. Curvaceous body, amazing catwalk skills, bubbly personality, very intelligent. She’s still young so fingers crossed that she decides to rerturn to the pageant scene!


  2. also i forgot to say that Tegan do love and spoke highly of MJ Lastimosa she told me so!!! but at the same Tegan and her trainers are keeping an eye out for MJ watching every moves, this young lady is taking no chances.

  3. I love Australia! & Australians, especially the Melbournians, are among the warmest people i’ve ever met!

    I won’t mind rooting for Tegan, apart from MJ, as Tegan’s got that classic beauty, calm aura & simple elegance. The competition is getting more exciting by d day. Can’t wait for MU2015!

  4. no its not true its all rumours! back to the subject Tegan is one of my friend and she told me other day that she is working and prepping very hard with her trainer is Peter sereno for the miss universe 2014 comp.

    • Oh the
      Filipino pageant blogger na best friend ni aling Ines… kaya naman pala…

  5. I love Australia! & Australians are among the warmest people i’ve ever met! Especially the Melbournians.

    I won’t mind rooting for Tegan apart from MJ, as Tegan’s got that classic beauty & simple elegance. Love it!

  6. bud? i read somewhere that someone deliberately messed up her gown by snippin the slit higher. Also a while back it was alleged that Philippines Venus Raj stuck some pins in Miss Australia’s gown, is there any truth to this bud that you know of?

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