9 comments on “Sunday Specials: Bianca’s going 1st for a possible 6th

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  2. “It always seems impossible until its done.” – Nelson Mandela

  3. We’ll be religiously following Mariane’s MI 2014 journey for sure. We’re hoping & praying that a back-2-back victory will come to fruition and set a record in the MI pageant history.
    It’s happened in MU courtesy of Venezuela.
    It can & will happen in MI this time (courtesy of the Philippines) 🙂
    If it happens or not, it’s God’s will and we’ll take that.
    Win or lose, Bianca will always be our Miss International.
    Sir Norman, will she still be eligible for MWP2015 (after her Binibini reign is over) ? She’s only turning 25 next year if im not mistaken but I’m not quite sure what the age limit is for MW.
    For now, let’s make some noise and support Bianca in her MI 2014 journey.
    Good luck and bring home the crown again for the Philippines 🙂 🙂

  4. It looks like the impossible is going to happen come Nov, Norman 🙂

  5. Nice stage, sana ganyan din ang run away pero dapat colorfull lights ha

  6. she is so blooming….mas sweet and light makeup nya which is good sa Miss international pageant.

  7. Dear Mariane,

    Just to let you know we, your #1 fans, are behind you every step of the way. We’ve followed your progress since you joined A&Q last year. In less than a year, you’ve transformed from a pageant newbie to a beauty queen. Indeed your queenly aura is innate which will carry you to greater glory come November for the Philippines. Don’t let the pressure of a back-to-back or the other equally gorgeous candidates of Miss International distract you from your main goal – to do your best and bring pride and honor to the Philippines and for us who believe in you from the very beginning. Thank you and we love you!

    Your #1 number 1 fan,

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